Visions of Chains

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Visions of Chains

An Awakening Novel, #3

This is the third installment of Ms. Hastings (AKA Maureen Child) Awakening series. You get two lost souls finding each other and rediscovering their love. There are smoking hot warriors waiting though the centuries for their true loves to remember them. There is plenty of action going on also. This is a wonderful series and I highly recommend this series to all my friends. Ms. Hastings Awakening series is a must buy for me.

Deidre Sterilng tries to save the witches from the internment camps and the executions. She tries to help by staging peaceful protest for witches' rights. She has even gone to her mother for help. She believes that her mother can do more to help the women who are accused of being withes because she is the President of the United States. Her mother wants Deidre to stay out of the limelight and not let the public know she is fighting for rights for the witches. Deidre does whatever she can but she is getting tired of being used…first by her mother using her for a prop and by men wanting to gain favor with her mother. But Deidre knows something or someone has to put a stop to what is going on or no woman be she a witch or not will ever be safe.

Finn is Deidre's destined mate and he has waited for 800 years for her powers to awaken. With each of Deidre's past lives, Finn has been in the background waiting and watching over her. When they were together the first time Finn's greatest fear was that Deidre did not need him as much as he needed her. The waiting is over because it is time for Deidre’s powers to awaken at last. As the two try to rebuild their relationship and unlock Deidre’s memories of her past lives, they have to stay one step ahead of the danger stalking them. They only have so much time for her to remember where she hid an artifact and retrieve it.

Book Blurb for Visions of Chains

Every witch has a destined mate, an Eternal who will serve as her guardian and complete her powers. Once the first of the coven's powers are awakened,the witches must race against time to join with their Eternals and protect the relics that will prevent the destruction of the world....

Deidre Sterlng is tired of being used. Her mother, the president of the United States, uses her as a prop for the television cameras. And men pursue her only for political gain. Determined to stand for something, Deidre throws herself into causes like the fight for witches' rights, but ends up stepping into the line of fire.

Finn has waited eight centuries for his mate-united they will be a powerful weapon. Unfortunately, Deidre wants nothing to do with him. Even after gunfire awakens her powers and a kiss from Finn engulfs them in flames, she refuses to take the final step. But as the world burns and her duty becomes clear, she realizes that some passions are worth paying the ultimate price for...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00