In this anthology we return to Angela Knight's Time Hunters, Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound, Jean Johnson's Vulland Chronicles and Hanna Martine's Liquid Lies. I am a reader of Ms. Knight's and Ms. Ashley's series and was not disappointed in either one. Ms. Johnson's and Ms. Martine's series are new to me but I will have to look into the books that came before. These stories are great. I found them to be filled with passion. You also get some time-travel, shifters and danger.

Enforcer by Angela Knight--Dona Astryr is a Temporal Enforcement agent and Alerio Dyami is her boss, who is also a Warlord. Dona's ex-boyfriend Ivar has turned traitor and is now teamed up with the enemy. They are attacking and killing tour groups who travel into the past. Alerio and Dona have finally came to grips with their feelings for each other, but first they have to survive the final showdown between them and Ivar.

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley-- Nell is the alpha bear shifter. After the death of her mate, it was up to Nell to raise her two cubs alone. Cormac is new to Shiftertown. After reading a letter wrote by Nell's mate, he knows he has to find her. Cormac wants to mate with Nell but she does not want or need a mate. When her oldest son goes missing, Cormac knows Nell needs him and he sets out to change her mind.

The Hunter's Cabin by Jean Johnson--Vielle is an air courier and Kiereseth is an ex- Prince. They are on the run from Kier's sister after she branded them as traitors. They are snowbound in a cabin in the mountains. As they hide from their enemies hunting them, they find passion in each other's arms.

No Surprise More Magical by Hanna Martine--Kelsey is a doctor and David is an Ofarian Guard. They are from two different worlds and nobody is more surprised than David when they are matched by the government for an arranged marriage. After the fall of their government David gives Kelsey the chance to get out of the marriage and they each go their separate ways. David has loved Kelsey since they were in school together and Kelsey has always loved David. But David thinks he is not good enough for Kelsey. Now they have the chance to find out their feelings for each other when they team up to catch their enemy.

Book Blurb for Unbound

Desire is released in these all-new stories by four masters of paranormal romance…

New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight revisits the world of Guardian and genetically engineered Temporal Enforcers Dona and Alerio who combine their talents—and fight their passions—as they investigate a time-travel murder spree.

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ashley continues her Shifters Unbound series as Bear Shifter Cormac is determined to take single mom Nell as his mate, despite her objections—until her sons are endangered and she desperately needs help.

National bestselling author Jean Johnson returns to her Vulland Chronicles: On the run after being falsely accused of treason, ex-prince Kiereseth and his companion Vielle take refuge in a snow-bound cabin—and in each other’s arms.

And Hanna Martine expands on the fascinating world she introduced in Liquid Lies. After dissolving their arranged marriage so he can win her on his own terms, Ofarian guard David pairs up with the heartbroken Kelsey to try to thwart an enemy to their race.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50