To Tempt the Wolf

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To Tempt the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf, #3

Tessa Anderson is determined to find the person who killed her brother’s girlfriend. Unfortunately Tessa's brother, Michael, was convicted of first-degree murder. Mow it is up to Tessa to prove he didn't do it. Tessa works as a wildlife photographer. She is sent to take photos of the wildfire in California. While taking the photos of the fire, Tessa sees what she thinks is a naked man but when she looks again it is a wolf. She thinks she is just seeing things in the smoke from the fire. As she leaves the California wildfires and heads home to the Oregon coast, Tessa can't help but have a very bad feeling about things to come. Hunter Greymere and his twin sister, Meara, are forced from their homes by the wildfire and so is the rest of their small pack. Some of the pack mates head to the city of Portland and some to the vineyards. Hunter and Meara go to their uncle's place on the Oregon coast. Their uncle rents cabins to other lupus garou, now he wants to retire and move to Florida and leave the business to Hunter. Hunter loves the idea because it will be enough for the rest of the pack once they tire of life in the city. Hunter goes for a run to explore the new area, when he gets home his sister is gone. She has run off with three strange wolfs. When he goes looking for her, he is attacked and thrown off of a cliff into the sea. Now he has no memory but he knows what he is. He also knows that there is something different about Tessa but not what it is. Hunter has agreed to help her find the real killer of her brothers girlfriend and to protect her from a strange stalker. 
Ms Spear has written another great werewolf story. This is number three in her werewolf series. If action, romance and suspense are what you are looking for in a story then look no further, you will find it all in Ms Spears werewolf series. Look for the next action packed story, Legend of the White Wolf, coming out in the spring of 2010.  

Book Blurb for To Tempt the Wolf

She’s Fascinated by Wolves—But They are Obsessed With Her

Tessa Anderson doesn’t know why wolves are attracted to her, and she certainly doesn’t know that werewolves exist. Now she’s being stalked—but is her stalker a wolf or man? And who is the gorgeous stranger whose life she saved, who now swears he’ll protect her?

He’s an Alpha Without a Pack, Facing a Deadly Enemy

Hunter Greymore is a lupus garou, a grey werewolf. His pack has abandoned him after losing their homes in a raging wildfire. When he encounters Tessa, he’s alone and injured, but he quickly realizes the danger to her is much worse than anything threatening him…

In his attempts to shiled her from harm, Hunter discovers that Tessa entices him beyond endurance… it’s only a matter of time before his wild nature can no longer be restrained…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00