The Shifter

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The Shifter

From the world of Sons of Destiny

This is Ms. Johnson's third installment from the world of the Sons of Destiny. If you are looking for something different to read then Ms. Johnson's books are the way to go. The characters and the world they live in is so different from any other story out there. I can't wait for more.

Solyn Ys Rei and best friend, Traver Ys Ten, know that something is very wrong with some of the most powerful men of their village. It seems like overnight they have changed, they were kind, loving, and trustful men who are now mean and dishonest. Solyn and Traver make plans to go for help. When Traver leaves to travel with the tea caravan he plans to take off in the middle of the night to ride for help. Solyn is not just a healer but also a mage. She has kept this a secret from the village. She helps her mother, who is the village healer, when needed with the healing and also in making cheese that they sell. She wants to go to the city to get training in order to use her mage skills to help with healing people. She knows she cannot leave her home until the problem with the shifters is solved and life is back to normal.

Kenuen Sin Sim, along with friends, is trying to locate the Family Mongrel. They are a bunch of men who have been banished for their crimes. They have banded together and call themselves Family Mongrel. It has been years since any member of the family has been seen but rumors are spreading about sightings. The group decides to split up and travel in different directions so that they can cover more ground. Kenuen runs into Traver and he tells Kenuen about what is happening with some of the men in his village. Kenuen impersonates Traver and returns to the village to find out what the family is up to and what they are looking for. But there is one thing he did not count on, and that is his reaction to Solyn.

Book Blurb for The Shifter

In THE SHIFTER, traces of the Family Mongrel remain on the Correda Mountains. To ensure there are no survivors, Kenyen Sin Siin, takes the lead and uses the past to follow a trail of hints that twists down into a valley of deception. Kenyen must adapt to survive and learns that allies could be enemies lurking in disguise, and even a stranger, as pretty as Migela Laun Far, may not be as she seems.

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Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00