The Perfect Witness

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The Perfect Witness

In this story Iris Johansen brings us another great story.

We get to catch up on two characters from her book Pandora's Daughter. Ms. Johansen brings us a very strong female lead. She can push her characters to the edge of giving up but she also gives them hope. I have been following Ms. Johansen from the first book and I can only say she keeps getting better with each book. I can't wait to see what is coming next. This book can be read as a standalone.

The Story:

Teresa Casali has a very strange gift, she is able to read people’s memories. Her father is a mob boss and has never had use for her until he found out about her gift. Now he uses her. The more evil she sees from those around her the more Teresa knows the only way to survive is to run. Speed forwards. Her father is now dead and his killer has taken over as the new boss and also Teresa's mother. He wants Teresa back. Now she is on the run and it is just a matter of time before she is either caught or killed.

She is saved by a man named Andre Mandak who promises her safety. He kills the men who are chasing her. Teresa agrees to go into the Witness Protection program and Andre will teach her how to control her gift before it kills her.

Now Teresa has a new name, a family that loves her, and has control of her gift. The time comes when her cover is blown and she is on the run again, but this time Andre is with her. Andre promises her that they will end the threat to her, but first they must find a killer and stop him.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Witness

She had the perfect life.

She had the perfect cover.

She was the perfect witness.

Until they found her.

When Teresa Casali was young she discovered she had a strange gift:  the ability to read people’s memories.  But the gift seemed more like a curse as her mob boss father used her to gain the upper hand in his world of corruption and violence.  Exposed by her own family to the darkest impulses of mankind, Teresa is alone and unprotected.  She realizes that if she is to survive, she has to run.

Out of nowhere, or so she believes, a man by the name of Andre Mandak appears. He kills her pursuers—but that’s not nearly enough for Teresa to trust him. It is his promise to get her into Witness Protection, along with his mind-blowing ability to help her control her gift before it consumes her, that convinces Teresa Casali to become Allie Girard. Living a normal life with a new family, she shuts the door to the past …although Mandak is clear: when the time is right, he too will benefit from her powers.

For years Allie flourishes …until the day her cover is blown and the truth comes tumbling out.  Once again she is on the run, with her own life and those of her loved ones at stake.  But this time she will not be a pawn.  This time she will use her finely honed gift to end the threat that began with her family’s betrayal. From perfect target to perfect witness, Allie Girard is ready to take on the past even if it kills her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00