The Mage

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The Mage

The Sons of Destiny, Book 8

In this series we have eight brothers born two years apart and four sets of twins.  The brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island due to a prophecy that was made several hundred years ago. Now the brothers are doomed to live with only each other for company on Nightfall.  It is forbidden for anyone to live on the island and women are forbidden on the Island.  This is the story of the eighth and last son, Morganen, whose verse ends with "Set your brothers to their call.  When Mage has wed, you will be all." 

Now that Morg has managed to unite all his brothers with their brides, it is almost time to bring Hope to his world.  Morg is the strongest of his brothers when it comes to magic; just how powerful he is no one knows.  When Hope comes through the portal, everyone is there to meet her.  Everyone is surprised with what the first words out of her mouth are.  You see all of the time she has been talking to Morg, Hope has been keeping a part of her life from him and Kelly.   The brothers and their mates have a lot to deal with.  More and more people are coming to the island to live, so they must get the machine that makes fresh water working at full speed.  Getting ready for the convocation of the Gods, opening the gateway to Heaven, and fighting off the people who don't want Nightfall to become a kingdom.  But they get help from a surprising source, Nauvea Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares, a long forgotten God. 

This is the last of the Sons of Destiny series.  The only thing I can ask is, Ms. Johnson are you sure there are no more brothers lurking around someplace?  This is a series I will revisit over and over again.  Ms Johnson writes a story that will appeal to paranormal, time-travel, fantasy and historical readers. 

Book Blurb for The Mage

Now, Johnson returns for the final book in the series of eight brothers destined to fulfill a strange prophecy. As their growing family faces new problems, the worst of those troubles now fall upon Morg, the last of the Sons of Destiny, and on Hope, Morg's foretold bride.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00