Terms of Surrender

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Terms of Surrender

Silhouette Romantic Suspense - #1533

Jolie Conrad is back in town from L.A. after eighteen months away. She is working again on the SWAT team as a hostage negotiator.   The one thing she didn't count on was being teamed with her ex-lover. Even after all this time away, Jolie thought she was over him.   But there is one thing she will never get over, that is the death of her son.   Dace Recker was surprised when he walked into the van as hostage negotiator during a bank robbery; he was shocked when he found out his new partner was Jolie.   He thought he was over her but seeing her again brings back everything he has ever felt for her as strong as ever.   Even though it has been eighteen months since she walked out of his live without a word. He never knew why she left or where she went. After the bank robbery goes wrong, someone is after the members of the SWAT team that was there that day. Now Dace and Jolie are setting themselves up as bait for the FBI. They are forced to be together 24/7 in order to bring the bad guy out of hiding.   In the middle of all this, can Dace and Jolie fight their attraction to each other?
Ms Brant has written a great story. Terms of Surrender is well researched and very well written. This is a keeper book. I can't wait for the next in the Alpha Squad series, Terms of Engagement, which will be out in January 2009. This story will keep you guessing who all the member of the robbery team are.   Ms Brant doesn’t give away the murder until the end of the story.   I can't say it enough; you have got to read this book and the rest of the ones that come next for this series.  

Book Blurb for Terms of Surrender

Dace Recker loved, and lost, Jolie Conrad eighteen months ago, after the death of their son.  Now she’s back, partnered with him on the Crisis Negotiation Team.  And the deadly bank robbery they’re working is only slightly more risky than unraveling their complicated past.

Jolie came back to Metro City to care for her dying mother, not to rekindle her painful relationship with Dace.  But when one of the bank robbers begins a deadly game of revenge, Jolie and Dace are in his sights.  And it’s only a matter of time before danger—and passion—find them again. . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.50