Taken By the Laird

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Taken By the Laird

Brianna Munro's uncle is desperate to get her married and out of his house.  He needs to get her married before Brianna's birthday, which is when she will come into her inheritance. Brianna's uncle manages to trap her into a comprising position with an evil nobleman.  The night before the wedding, Brianna dresses up as a boy and escapes in the middle of the night.  Her uncle and groom start looking for her. On her way to a town to hide it starts to rain.  Brianna finds the only shelter around, what she thinks is an abandoned castle. The castle belongs to Laird of Glenloch, Hugh Christie.  Hugh uses the castle to smuggle rum into the country.  He believes one of his employees is cheating him out of his profits.  Without letting anyone know, Hugh arrives at the castle.  Once there he catches sight of Brianna and thinking she is the one who is stealing from him, so he goes after her.  Brianna tells him she is just trying to get out of the storm. That she is a lady's maid and running away from her employer who made improper advances.  Hugh knows there is more to her story than what she is telling.  Can Brianna trust Hugh enough to tell him who she really is?  Will Hugh be able to fine out who is cheating him before danger finds both him and Brianna?

This is a delightful love story with just a hint of danger. You have an innocent young woman on the run from villains, some who happen to be her own family.  Add to that a rakish young man who does not believe in love and it all adds up to a very passionate tale.   This is not the first book of Ms. Maguire that I have read and this one is as good as the others.

Book Blurb for Taken By the Laird

A bride on the run . . .

A young lady escapes to Scotland in the dead of night, desperate to avoid the horrid marriage her guardian had arranged. Traveling alone, fearing for her safety, Brianna Munro finds shelter at the imposing Castle Glenloch. She intends to stay for just one night . . . but then Brianna encounters Hugh Christie, Laird Glenloch, and all her best-laid plans vanish into the Highland air.

The stubborn chit says she's a lady's maid, running from a vengeful employer on the way to Dundee. But Hugh can see that the bold beauty is hiding something, just as plainly as he can see that he won't be able to resist her. Brianna's tempting body was made for pleasure, and Hugh has never been one to deny himself the delight of sin. He'll have to convince Brianna that he's not like the other men she's known—and that being taken by a laird one stormy night is just the beginning of a lifetime of ecstasy.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00