Silent Thunder

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Silent Thunder

Hannah Bryson is hired by the Maritime Museum to get an old Russian nuclear-powered submarine ready for tourists tours. And to also do a second schematic of the submarine and to supervise the modificatons that will make it safe for tourists. Hannah is a mathematical and mechanical whiz with a photographic memory. She had also designed a submersible for the Titanic expedition.

Kirov ivanov is keeping a watch on Hannah and her brother, Conner, as they work on the submarine. He knows someone else is also watching. Pavski also is watching the submarine, there is something on board that he wants and he does not care who has to die for him to get what he wants. Kirov wants revenge aganist Pavski for the death of the crewman and the Silent Thunder.

Now Hannah and Kirov must team up together to stay one step ahead of Pavski and try to stop him.

Ms Johansen and Mr Johansen have put together a captivating tale of thilling suspense. This book is a page turner. I could not put it down. I am a long time fan of Ms Johansen and this book is just if not better than all her others. It was a real edge of your seat page turner.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00