Sight Unseen

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Sight Unseen

Kendra Michaels, #2

This is the second installment of Iris Johansen and her son, Roy Johansen, Kendra Michaels series. This mother and son author duo brings us a story that is full of action and mystery from the start to the last page. The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed the first book and was not disappointed in this second book. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Kendra Michaels in the next book.

The Story:

Kendra Michael was blind at birth. Her mother found an experimental surgery that restored her sight. Now that she can see her other senses are better than a person who has always had their sight. Kendra’s work uses music therapy to help other people. That is her first love but it seems that she keeps getting drawn into murder cases with the FBI. Now it seems that Kendra has a fan. He is recreating some of her most famous cases. Will Kendra be able to stop this madman before the body count gets any higher?

Book Blurb for Sight Unseen

She was safe in a world of darkness.

Now danger threatens in the cold light of day…Before the experimental surgery that gave her sight, Kendra Michaels developed her other senses to an amazing capacity.  Now she can identify a Nissan by the sound of its engine, a Norelco electric razor by the pattern of stubble it leaves behind, or an obscure colorless fire accelerant by its sweet smell. Law enforcement agencies clamor for her rare powers of perception and observation, too often disrupting the life she has built helping others through music therapy.  Because so very often, only Kendra can get the job done. 


But in this case, it's Kendra who first realizes that the apparent traffic accident on San Diego's historic Cabrillo Bridge is in fact a murder scene, and she rushes to alert the police before crucial evidence is destroyed. As the body count rises and one murder unveils another, a gruesome pattern emerges. Someone is killing people in ways that mirror Kendra's most notorious cases.  She has a fan: someone who admires her work and is twisted enough to show that admiration through murder--while naming himself after the biggest art forger of the 20th century. He views himself not as a monster but as an artist. And he is not working alone.


As the darkness closes in, near enough to touch Kendra and those she loves, Kendra must come face to face with her greatest fears--and her most ruthless enemy.  A man who moves through the shadows, a man she may even know, who hides behind the mask of sanity, sight unseen.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00