Sea Lord

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Sea Lord

Children of the Sea Ser. - book 3

Far away on an island known as Sanctuary, Conn Ap Llyn prince of a dying race walks the shoreline.   He ponders the prophecy that may save his people. It is said that a female child of Atargatis line will alter the balance of the elements and restore power to the selkie. When Conn sees a vision in a tide pool of a human woman working in a garden, he is stunned. He knows the woman is Lucy Hunter. She is the daughter of the sea witch Atargatis and a human.    Conn believes she is all human and has none of her mother’s gifts or abilities. But he keeps seeing her face and knows he has to go to her. Lucy Hunter is a teacher on an island called World's End. Her brothers and father live there as well. Lucy has tried to leave the island, but the further away from the ocean she gets the sicker she becomes. She has no idea why; she never goes into the ocean because for some reason she is scared of the water. Lucy has no idea of who or what her mother was. All she knows is that she left with her oldest son when Lucy was just a baby. When Conn approaches Lucy, she senses there is something different about him. When Conn takes Lucy back to Sanctuary with him, he tells her about what he is and whom her mother was. Lucy has a hard time believing him. The more time they spend together the more Conn finds himself having feeling for Lucy, even though he believes selkies do not have feelings like these. Lucy is falling in love with Conn but she is not sure he loves her for her or for the prophecy and what it will mean for his people. While they are finding their way with these new feelings they have, they must also fight the demons who are determined to put an end to the human race. 
Ms Kantra has put together a tale that is full of excitement. The story of Lucy and Conn finding their way with each other is passionate in its telling.   You will find yourself so engrossed in this story; you will hate to put it down until you have read the last page. Ms Kantra has become an auto buy and this book is one for the keeper shelf. 

Book Blurb for Sea Lord

Three hot authors with three tales of hunky heroes, sand, sun, and surf.

Prince of the part- human, part-seal Selkies, Conn faces a threat to his kind. So he follows his haunting visions to a woman miles away—a woman whose love could save him, or prove to be his downfall.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00