Salt and Silver

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Salt and Silver

Allie was living the good life, shopping, partying, and doing whatever the rich do. That was until her mother ran off with her tennis instructor and took the family fortune with her. Now Allie spends her time running Sally's Diner during the day and learning to fight at night. One night Allie and her friends got drunk and accidentally opened a door to Hell in the basement of the diner. When demons started to come through the door, a strange man dressed in leather and wearing a cowboy hat, was there to fight them off. The only thing Allie knows about him is his name, Ryan, and that he is a hunter who has been assigned to guard the door.   Rayn is not the very forthcoming with information about himself or his job. All that Allie knows is that there is just something about him that she likes even though Rayn has let her know that there can never be anything between them. But when the door disappears it is up to Allie and Rayn to find it. When they bring the other hunters together they come up with a plan they could end up bringing about the end of the world. Allie, Rayn and two other hunters must go to Hell to find out what happened to the door. As they travel through the different levels of Hell, Rayn and Allie find themselves getting closer and closer to each other. If they manage to survive is their love strong enough to stand the test?
Ms Katherine has written and entertaining tale of two different people who manage to overcome the odds and fall in love. The way the characters struggled to find their way of the different Hells will hold the readers attention. This is a definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Salt and Silver

One night six years ago, Allie and her friends got drunk and chanted a fake spell they made up... and accidentally opened a portal to Hell. Now it resides in the basement of the diner Allie runs, and it's a pain in the ass -- mystical crap is always coming out, and then it has to be killed. Demon guts get everywhere, stuff gets smashed up, there are salt circles and sigils all over the place... It gets tedious.

The up side is that Allie gets her own personal demon hunter guarding the Door and killing the demons: a sexy and mysterious, Stetson-wearing, snide-remark-making, dark-eyed demon hunter named Ryan.

But after six years of jibes and sexual tension, the Door disappears at the same time there's a surge in demonic activity -- and no one seems to know what's going on. Not Narnia the bitchy psychic witch, or Roxie, a kickass demon hunter from the other side of town.

It's not Allie's idea for a team of demon hunters to find another Door and go into it to see if Hell is about to take over Earth, but she definitely wants in on that plan. After years of seeing the havoc a Door to Hell wreaks on the world, she's ready to grow up, take responsibility for helping open a Door in the first place, and kick some demon butt.

Okay, and she'd also like some quality make out time with Ryan, and mortal peril is always a turn-on, right?


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00