Sacrifice the Wicked

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Sacrifice the Wicked

A Dark Mission Novel, #4

This is the fourth installment in Ms. Copper's Dark Mission series. This book has two very strong characters. There is Parker who values control and Simon who is all alpha male. The interaction between the main characters is very intense. The action and romance is this story is just the correct mix. This is a series that keeps getting better and better with each story. The fifth installment in the series, One for the Wicked is scheduled to be released April 30th, 2013.

Mission Director Parker Adams knows that something is not right within the church. She has started an undercover operation trying to find out just what Operation Wayward Rose is. Sector Three keeps throwing roadblocks in her way. They have even gone so far as to put spies in as her agents. Parker doesn't know who she can trust. But there is one agent she knows for sure is an agent for Sector Three. Parker values control above all else but there is something about this undercover agent that draws her to him.

Simon Wells is not only a Missionary but also a witch. He is part of Sector Three’s Project Salem. They are combining DNA from Missionaries and Witches to create their own brand of super soldiers. But there is something wrong the subjects are dying and they can find no way to stop it. Simon is part of a group that has managed to live longer than the other groups but they are still dying. When Simon finds Parker's name on a hit list he knows it is up to him to save her. Now he has to choose between doing his duty or saving the woman he has come to love.

Book Blurb for Sacrifice the Wicked

Karina Cooper has written a powerful, action-packed, very sexy series, and "Avon Books" is so excited that we even published the first two back-to-back! Paranormal romance is hotter than ever, and Cooper's witches and witch hunters deliver exactly the right kind of story. As Karina's career continues to grow, we have published two extremely well-reviewed ebook novellas in this series with Avon Impulse, with Before the Witches receiving nothing but five-star praise. Perfect for fans of J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, and Karen Marie Moning.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50