Real Vampires Get Lucky

Real Vampires Series, Book 3

Gloriana St. Clair is a full-figured vampire who happens to own an vintage clothing store that's open 24 hours a day. She was turned vampire several centuries ago by a sexy scotsman named Jeremy Blade. They have been an on again off again couple for centuries. But Jeremy is an alpha male and thinks he has to protect Glory, but Glory is a modern woman and can take care of herself. When Glory and her bodygaurd find themselves taking care of a newly turned vampire and on the hunt for a hired killer, anything that can go wrong does.

This is a laugh out loud series. Ms Bartlett puts a different spin on the vampire romance. Fast paced with appealing characters you can fall in love with. It's like visting old friends. Be on the look out for Glory's next adventure, Real Vampires Make Waves, which will be out January 2009.

Book Blurb for Real Vampires Get Lucky

When a female loan shark named Lucky is attacked and left for dead, vampire Glory St. Clair turns her into one of the undead to save her--but eternity would have been safer without her. Vamps prefer a low profile, and that's not Lucky's style. She prefers to flaunt her sexy rock-star ex-boyfriend and great shoes. Trouble is, her flamboyant behavior is not only drawing every vampire hunter within miles- it's bringing her would-be killer out of hiding, too.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.75