One Moonlit Night

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One Moonlit Night

Olivia Sherwood works as a maid at Ravenwood Hall. Olivia's father was a vicar when he was killed by a gypsy who was trying to steal his horse. In order to support herself and her blind sister Olivia goes to work as a maid. Everything is fine until the new Earl comes to live at Ravenwood Hall and Olivia meets him for the first time. Dominic St. Bride, Earl of Ravenwood, is half gypsy. When his father rejected Dominic's mother when she told him she was with child, she places a curse on him. The curse stated that he would not have any more children with any woman. When he realized the curse was real, he found the gypsy camp and took Dominic to live with him. Dominic becomes the new Earl of Ravenwood after the death of his father. After his father took him from his mother, Dominic was sent to one boarding school after another until his father gave up on him. After he becomes the new Earl, he leaves London and moves to Ravenwood where he is content to stay. Once Dominic sees Olivia for the first time he is lost. At first he thinks it is just a case of lust, but the more time he spends with her the more he comes to realize it is much much more.

This is a greeat read form Ms James. The way she has Dominic trying to become worthy of the faith and love Olivia has for him is touching. Ms James books are not to be missed. She puts so much feeling into each and every story, you feel as if you are there watching the events unfold. This is a story you don't want to miss.

Book Blurb for One Moonlit Night

New York Times bestselling author Samantha James has captured the hearts of readers everywhere with her dramatic love stories of fiery passion, intense emotion, and unforgettable sensuality. Now, Samantha has created a spellbinding romance between two people whose passion defies all logic--yet cannot be denied.

The Vicar's Daughter

Forced to leave her home in the vicarage, proud and resolute Olivia Sherwood has hired on at Ravenwood Hall, where preparation for the new earl's arrival is underway. At first glance, Olivia stands transfixed by the dashing gallant with eyes dark and gleaming in the moonlight. Though his origins are shadowed in secrets, and Olivia knows better than to trust a man she's never met, she is intoxicated by him.The Dark Earl

Crossing the threshold of his new home, Dominic St. Bride, the Earl of Ravenwood, sees suspicion in the faces of everyone surrounding him--for his staff knows of his illegitimate birth and dubious background. Yet, the radiant face of a beautiful servant intrigues him. Although the familiar wariness flares in her eyes, Dominic senses a smoldering desire there as well, and he determines to claim her. But can his passionate soul win the unlikely devotion of a defiant maid--thereby redeeming him with her unconditional love?


It was Samantha James's love of reading as a child that steered her toward a writing career. Among her favorites in those days were the Trixie Belden and Cherry Ames series of books. She still loves a blend of mystery and romance, and of course a happily-ever-after ending. The award-winning, bestselling author of sixteen romances and one novella, her books have ranged from medieval to Regency and the American West.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50