Night Falls on the Wicked

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Night Falls on the Wicked

Moon Chasers Series

Darby is a white witch who can see the future. Demons are always trying to temp white witches into letting them possess them since they need the witch to be willing. The white witch then becomes a demon witch. The demon can take over the witch and she has no way to fight it. As long as the demon is in control, it can do whatever it wants. But the main reason the demons want to possess a witch is because if the witch dies than there demon can walk the earth and cause big trouble. There are two ways to fight the demon. One is to try and not use your powers and the second way is to move to where it is very, very, cold. Darby does both. She goes from small town to small town in Alaska, only staying a few months. Now she is living in Lancaster working at Sam's Diner and living in an apartment above the diner. The only way to protect those around her is to not get close to anyone. When townspeople start being found mauled to death, everyone blames the local wolves. Darby is the only one who really knows what is going on. There is a werewolf pack on the loose. Then a stranger comes to town and Darby finds herself drawn to him. She does not know why. Niklas was sixteen when he was bitten by a werewolf. His mother was a white witch. She made a deal with a demon that she would allow herself to be possessed if the demon would give her son his soul back. The demon did as she asked but it still left him a werewolf. Niklas is a werewolf with a soul. He has vowed to hunt and kill the wolf that turned him. He has chased the pack from town to town. He's only been able to take out a few pack members at a time. He's never been able to take out the alpha that turned him. When Niklas arrives in town, he sees Darby walking down the street. He feels that there is something about her, but he doesn't know what. When Darby tries to rescue a mother and her small child from the werewolves they are captured instead. Darby and the little girl escape but the werewolves soon catch up to them, but Niklas saves them. Niklas and Darby will have to team up to find and kill the last werewolf, the alpha. That is the only thing that will save Niklas and the little girl. The attraction between Niklas and Darby becomes too much to ignore and things heat up between them. Darby will do anything to save Niklas and the child. Just how far will she go? Will Niklas be able to save her or will he be too late?

This is the fifth installment in Ms. Kohler's Moon Chasers series. This series is wonderful. The action and the romance is just in the right amounts. Ms. Kohler brings her characters to life. You will not be disappointed in this book or the entire series. Ms. Kohler's titles are for the keeper shelf!

Book Blurb for Night Falls on the Wicked

Sharie Kohler returns to the shadowy world of the Moon Chasers, where a seductive witch stalked by demons finds protection in the arms of a lycan on a mission of blood vengeance. . . .

Darby lives her life below the radar, moving from town to town in the coldest climates, eluding the demons that hunt her—and never allowing herself to get close to anyone. Now, in frigid isolation, Darby waits tables in a small town and tries to forget who she is—what she is—and the danger forever nipping at her heels. Until a new danger finds her—a lycan pack whose distant howls have the locals on edge. But the call of the lycans has also drawn a handsome, menacing stranger. . . .

For years, Niklas has searched for the bloodthirsty pack that murdered his mother and infected him. Darby is overwhelmed by his raw appeal and dangerous strength. Niklas senses her need and vulnerability . . . and together they give in to the hungry attraction blazing between them—but desire this fierce brings dangers of its own. When Darby is targeted by the lycans, the stakes are higher than ever—and Niklas is not about to lose another woman he loves to their evil bloodlust.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75