My Soul to Keep

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My Soul to Keep

Moon Chasers series, Book 4 - Sorcha's and Jonah's story

Sorcha was raised under the iron fist of her father, Ivo. He spent his time taking over as many wolf packs as he could so that he could build an army. He promised Sorcha to his right hand man, Jonah. But Sorcha was too young at the time. When Sorcha is 15 she offers herself to Jonah, she is heartbroken when he turns her down and runs away for home. About a block away she turns back just as her home explodes. She thinks she is the only one left of her pack. She ends up living on the streets until a kind older man takes her in. They end up getting married. When he is murdered in their home, Sorcha vows to find who or whatever did it and kill them. Sorcha ends up finding more than she expected.

Jonah always knew that Sorcha was his mate, it was just a matter of waiting for her to grow up. While away from the pack Jonah hears about their home being destroyed and that no one was left alive. After that Jonah ends up being marked by God as a demon hunter. His job is to protect witches from the demons that try to possess them. A demon hunter is the only one who can see the demon and the mark of the fall which is the only way to kill it. While trying to protect the witch who first cursed a man into becoming a lycan, Jonah is shocked to find out the it is Sorcha who is trying to kill her. Will Jonah be able to win Sorchas' heart and keep her from kill the witch?

This was a thrilling continuation in Sharie Kohler’s Moon Chasers series. It’s a paranormal romance with a lot of action and it’s not to be missed. Great series…Great Book…A Must Read!

Book Blurb for My Soul to Keep

Sharie Kohler dazzles with the dark, sensual world of the Moon Chasers, where two half-breed lycans are locked in deadly combat over the fate of the world—and their own hearts.
Sorcha is no longer the pitiful teenage orphan who roamed the streets of Paris after her pack was destroyed, but despite all she now has—wealth, beauty, strength—she is still haunted by memories of Jonah, her fellow half-breed who broke her innocent young heart years before, and who now believes her dead. Determined to drive Jonah from her dreams forever, Sorcha vows to kill the witch whose curse first condemned the lycans to soulless immortality . . . doomed to be ruled by their dark passions, yet never truly able to love or be loved.
Still devastated over the girl he failed, Jonah has found purpose as a demon slayer. When a stranger starts stalking the world’s most powerful demon witch, he is assigned to kill the huntress before her meddling releases an evil that threatens all mankind.
Face-to-face again at last, can Sorcha and Jonah put their anger and hurt behind them to defeat the darkness . . . and dare they hope to find a love neither dreamed possible?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50