Mortal Seductions

Book 2 of the "Mortal" series

Valenarian is a vengeance demon who has gone off the deep end.  She was only suppose to go after men who were unfaithful, ones who left their families hurting, but she starts going after all of them.  Aphrodite believes she can save Valenarian.  She manages to suppress Valernarian's demon.  Now she is known as just Valerie.  She is a priestess, helping to bring couples together so that they can have a happily ever after.  Demitrie is a demigod and a tiger shapeshifter.  It was his job to catch Valenarian and bring her to Aphrodite.  But along the way he fell in love with her and her with him.  After all this time Aphrodite comes to him for help.  It seems that the gods have never forgave Valerie, and if her two halves cannot be fused into one, they want her put to death.  Leon Dupree is in Cairo to help out his brother on a dig.  Val believes she is here to match Leon with his true love.  When the three come together, Val's demon side comes to the surface.  Now all three have to work together to bring Val's two sides together.  Can Leon and Demitrie be able to save Val or will they fail and end up paying with their lives?

Ms. James brings us the second tale in her mortal series.  In this story the trio finds their way to making a relationship work.  I can tell you that the sex scenes are hot…enough to melt ice and just what you will need this holiday season.  This story will hook you from the first word to the last one.  Ms. James brings us a story that proves love can overcome anything…be it between demigods, demon or mortals. This story makes for a very tempting read. 

Book Blurb for Mortal Seductions

It will take the love of two men to save a powerful goddess. Second in a new paranormal erotica series—from the author of Mortal Temptations

For three thousand years Dimitri, a ferociously sexy tiger shape-shifter, has never stopped loving Valenarian. Her vengeance demon ways behind her, the reformed beauty has been Aphrodite’s priestess and assistant, bringing couples together to live happily ever after. But Dimitri isn’t alone in his feelings for her. Leon, a Cajun ex-army medic, has also fallen under the lovely goddess’s spell. Unfortunately the gods have never believed in Valenarian’s reform—and seek to punish her. Will Dimitri and Leon be her ultimate downfall—or bring her the release she’s craved for millennia?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.25