Magic Possessed

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Magic Possessed

The Hidden Series: Book 2

This is the second installment in Ms. Rush's The Hidden series. So far this is a wonderful series. You have what are called the Crescents which is made up of Dragon shifters, Deuce (magic users), and Caidos (descended from angles). This world that Ms. Rush has created seems so real you find yourself drawn into the story from the first page.

Violet Castanega is a dragon shifter. Her family along with several other dragon clans live in what is called the Fringe. It is an area of mostly marshy land along the outskirts of Florida City and Homestead. Most of the other Crescents think that they are nothing but uneducated and lawless hicks. Violet's brother is killed and his dragon power is taken from him. After looking into his death, Violet finds out that there have been other deaths. Someone is killing others and then leaving clues that point to other clans as guilty for the killings. Now after ten years of peace it seems that someone it trying to restart the feuds between the families. Violet only sees one course of action left, she goes to the Guard for help.

Kade Davanaugh is a member of the Guard. He had a run-in with Violet years ago when he was trying to arrest her brother. He listens to Violet and then dismisses her. He tells her the Guard will not get in the middle of clan feuds. Kade is given an assassination order for Violet. He is given no reason for the order. His gut instincts tell him that something is wrong, that there is no good reason for this order. He ends up teaming up with Violet and finding out the truth behind the murders and why someone is trying to get the clan feuds going again.

Book Blurb for Magic Possessed

They are the Hidden.

Not quite human. Far from normal.

And never, ever safe . . .


Her brother was mysteriously murdered with no witnesses, clues-or motives. Yet Violet Castanega knows he won't be the last to die unless she seeks help. But the Hidden's law enforcement won't come to the aid of her rowdy dragon clan, and the only person who will listen to her is one tough cop. Violet has tangled with him before, and it got rough. This time, it's getting hot . . .


Powerful Guard member Kade Kavanaugh has been ordered to take out Violet Castanega. While assassination orders don't come with explanations, his instincts scream that killing the feisty beauty is wrong. Now Kade must put his career, not to mention his life, on the line to save her. But as the passion-and the danger-heat up between Kade and Violet, can they survive the darkest magick of all?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00