Lion's Bride

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Lion's Bride

Don't Miss the Breathtaking Sequel - The Treasure - Out December 2008

Thea joined a caravan that was going to Damascus. She wanted to be a freewoman and open her own silkhouse. Once she gets setup she wants to send for her little sister. After a few days at the end of the caravan, they are attacked. Thea was able to get away. While she is roaming in the desert after the attack, she sees several strange horsemen heading her way. With no place to hide, she tries to run.

Lord Ware of Dundragon came with the Crudaders to fight in the Holy war. He doesn’t want to take Thea to Dundragon, but he has no choice. He agrees to let her stay until she is well enough to travel. Ware was a Knight Templar. He left the order when he seen something he should not have. Now the order wants his death and the death of anyone close to him. How can he protect Thea and the rest of his household? How can he do it while with every moment he spends with Thea, he finds himself wanting her to stay with him?

This is the first historical romance of Ms. Johansen I have read. I’ve read many of her more recent contemporary and romantic suspense novels. Ms. Johansen knows how to write. When this re-release came out I wanted to see what type of work she had produced in her early career. Just like now back then she had a way with words. No matter if she is writing romantic suspense or historical her worlds are breathtaking. I really enjoyed Lion’s Bride and I am waiting for the sequel, The Treasure, which will be out in December 2008.

Book Blurb for Lion's Bride

Woven with searing sensuality, here is the unforgettable story of a woman who is carried away by a powerful Lord to a secret stronghold, where she becomes his prisoner, his tormentor...and his lover.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50