Insatiable Desire

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Insatiable Desire

Clarissa King is a psychic. She can talk to and see the dead who don't cross over into the light. This is a gift that her Grandmother and Mother shared. Clarissa's Mother could not handle it and ended up hanging herself from the tree in front of their house. When the ghosts of murdered girls start showing themselves to Clarissa, she finds herself trying to convince the sheriff that the same person is committing all the deaths. Even though each death is different. When the sheriff starts to believe her, he calls in the FBI. 
When Special Agent Vincent Valtrez gets the call for a new assignment, he never dreamed that he would have to go back to his hometown again, Erie Tennessee.   When Vincent was 10 years old he was found outside the Black Forest, his parents were never seen again. It is said that the Black Forest is home to inhuman beasts and killer plants. Anyone who enters the forest is never seen again, expect for Vincent, he is the only one who has ever come out of the forest alive. After that he was sent to foster homes and never returned to Erie, Tennessee. Now as Vincent tries to fight his attraction to Clarissa, he also has to fight the darkness in his own soul.   Vincent and Clarissa must do all in their power to catch a killer before he kills again.
This is the first in a new series, The Demonborn, by Ms Herron. This will be a very exciting series. This book was a keeper. The interaction between the two main characters was outstanding. Ms Herron blends together the mystery, love and paranormal seamlessly. I cannot wait for the next in the series.    

Book Blurb for Insatiable Desire

Plagued by graphic visions and the desperate cries of murder victims, psychic Clarissa King will do anything to stop the brutal killer targeting her hometown--even work alongside the dangerously sexy FBI agent who thinks she's a fraud. He's the one man who sparks a hunger she never imagined possible--and the one man she should fear...

Vincent Valtrez knows how to get inside a serial killer's mind. But with a dangerous past and a secret to keep, he wants nothing to do with this gorgeous psychic--especially since just the thought of her luscious body ignites a dark, irrepressible desire he's determined to keep at bay. When the killer they seek turns out to be demonic and otherworldly, Vincent learns his connection to the murderer is more than just hunter and prey. Will the darkness inside Vincent claim him...or will he save Clarissa--and himself--from the evil that threatens them both?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00