Hold On Tight

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Hold On Tight

Hard To Hold Trilogy, Book 3

Special Agent Jamie Michaels of the FBI is put in charge of the investigation of the death of an FBI hostage negotiator.  Two months ago Jamie went to the DCR to find her sister.  On the way she teamed up with Chris Walker who was looking for his brother.  After a brief but very hot affair they have no contact with each other until Jamie is assigned to investigate Chris.  Chief Petty Officer Chris Waldion was sent to Sudan as part of a joint task force with the FBI.  They were there to rescue an American Ambassador, his movie star wife, their two adopted children, and four UN Peacekeepers.  When they get to the meeting area they find the peacekeepers dead and the other hostages in the Sudanese embassy, while the embassy in under fire from the Darfur rebels.  During the rescue the FBI is killed.  While Jamie tries to clear Chris of any blame in the death, things start heating up between Chris and Jamie.  The attraction between the two of then is hard to ignore.  When a dangerous man from Jamie's past shows up trying to kill her, Chris takes Jamie into hiding.  They must learn to trust in each other and their love to survive this new danger.

This is the third and final installment in Ms. Tyler's Navy Seals trilogy.  What a great ending to an overall fabulous trilogy.  You get it all, romance, adventure, and mystery.  In addition, this title has a secondary romance story between Jamie's sister and Chris's friend.  Ms. Tyler brings back Chris's brothers, Nick and Jake along with their ladies.  This series is one you will want to put on your keeper shelve so that you can reread them over and over.  Look for Ms. Tyler's upcoming new series Shadow Force.  The first book “Lie with Me” will be out October 26th, 2010 and the second book “Promises in the Dark” out November 23, 2010.

Book Blurb for Hold On Tight


Chris Waldron, an elite U.S. Navy SEAL, is used to getting out of tight spots. But all his years of training can’t prepare him for the crisis he now faces. When a mission to rescue a kidnapped ambassador and his wife goes tragically awry, an FBI hostage negotiator is killed and Chris finds himself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Leading the charge is Jamie Michaels, a blistering-hot special agent—and Chris’s onetime lover.

Despite their reignited mutual attraction, Jamie is determined to keep things professional with Chris this time. But seeing him bruised and battered in that hospital bed has rekindled all those feelings she thought she’d left behind during their brief, passionate encounter in Africa. Now Jamie must keep at bay her craving for danger as she spearheads a search for the truth that just may blow Chris’s career to bits—and put them both in the crosshairs of an unseen enemy.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00