Heat Seeker

Atrati, #1

Heat Seeker is the first installment of Ms. Monroe's new series, Atrati. This is a great story about two people who get a second chance at love. There is plenty of action and Ms. Monroe brings back characters from her Goddard Project series.

You also get a secondary m/m romance with couple Wyatt and Neil. They loved each other but Wyatt was not out yet and when his family started wanting him to date and marry a woman. He followed his family’s wishes, but is now out to his family and wants Neil back.

Rachel Gannen, former DEA agent, is conducting an undercover investigation in Cairo when she is caught in the wrong place by the wrong people. They take her to the mountains of Morocco where she is tortured. Rachel will die before she allows her unknowing informer to be found out. Rachel does not believe she will be rescored because she does not know if her boss even knows where she is.

Kaden Marks, ex-marine Special Forces sniper, is now a member of Atrati. They are a group of mercenary black operatives who do what no one else can. Their motto is “Always Ready, Always Deadly.” When he finds out that Rachel's cover has been blown and she is being held, he knows he has to be the one to save her. Rachel is Kaden's one and only love, but he let her go. He thought because he was a sniper he was not good enough for her. Now it is up to Kaden and his team to save Rachel and this is Kaden's last chance to convince Rachel that he loves her and she still loves him.

Book Blurb for Heat Seeker

A former sergeant in the Marine Special Forces, Kaden Marks dreams of one day having a family. But he's haunted by the deeds of his past and won't let anyone get close. Then a new mission comes his way. A fellow operative has had her cover blown - and it's up to Kaden's team to bring her out safely. What he doesn't realize is that the beautiful but stubborn Rachel Gannon has no intention of letting herself be rescued...Rachel will come out only when she can promise adequate protection for her unwitting informant. As a former DEA agent, Rachel still blames herself for her sister's death - and is unwilling to let someone else get hurt because of her. But she hadn't counted on falling for Kaden Marks, and falling hard. Now she must convince him to help her bring down the enemy's entire organization - without risking the life of the man she's come to love...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50