Heart of the Highland Wolf

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Heart of the Highland Wolf

Heart of the Wolf, #7

Julia Wildthorn is the author of famous werewolf romance books in the U.S. She knows a great deal about the subject due to the fact that she herself is a werewolf. Julia is suffering from a bout of writers block so she decides to go with her best friend to Scotland. Julia's friend, Maria Boquero, is an assistant director for a film company. Julia decides to travel undercover as Maria's assistant. Julia's family came from Scotland and they lived in the castle where the movie crew is going to be filming. Her grandfather wants her to find a box that was hidden in the castle and bring it home without opening it. Julia and Marie rent a cottage near Argent Castle so that they will be close. Before leaving L.A. Maria receives death threats warning her to stop the film crew from using the castle, but she ignores them. After they arrive in Scotland they rent a car to take them to the cottage, but their car is ran off of the road. Ian MacNeill is the Laird of Argent Castle and leader of his pack of werewolves. He is also the oldest of a set of quadruplets. Ian if forced to rent the castle and land to the American film company, due to the packs money manager running off with all the packs money. When Ian and his brother come across Julia and Maria's car on the side of the road they offer their help. Both brothers are surprised to find that the two women are unmated werewolves. The moment that Ian sees Julia he feels an instant attraction to her and his wolf knows she is his mate. Ian has a lot on his plate from dealing with a rival clan trying to take the castle from him to trying to make sure the film crew doesn't see his people change. Plus now he has a mate. This is just a little too much for him. But the more he gets to know Julia the more he wants her.

This is the seventh installment in Ms. Spear's werewolf series and will not disappoint. If you are new to this series you can pick up this book without reading the rest, but the others in this series are worth reading. Ms. Spear gives the werewolf romance a new and different twist. Her stories are wonderful. I tell all my friends about this series and she is an auto buy for me. I have all her books on my keeper shelf. I hope to see stories about all of Ian's brothers and one with Maria. Book eight titled Dreaming of the Wolf will be out in December of 2011.

Book Blurb for Heart of the Highland Wolf

Ian MacNeill is the laird of his clan and his gray werewolf pack, and he's about to lose his clan's ancestral home. Romance writer and red werewolf Julia Wildthorn has a serious case of writer's block that she hopes to banish at the ancient Argent Castle. Her family history leads to a clue about Ian's and a way to save his home, but can they put aside their differences and admit the sizzling chemistry between them?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00