Hard to Hold

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Hard to Hold

Dr. Isabelle Makham is a doctor who has been given a job with Doctors Without Borders and her first assignment is in Djibouti Africa.  She goes with an undercover bodyguard because her mother is a United States Senator.  They are trying to keep that bit of information from getting out because if it gets out, Isabelle could be in more danger from the rebels.
While in Africa Isabelle and her bodyguard both go missing.  Seventy-two hours later a group of refugees who were moving north see a woman tied up in a hut, they report it to a Red Cross relief worker.  Lieutenant Jake Hansen, a navy SEAL, is on a mission in Djibouti Africa when his team gets orders to rescue Isabelle.  When they find her, Jake is shocked at the condition she was left in.  He is even more shocked to find out she is still alive.
After they get her back to the United States Isabelle starts the long process of healing.  When Isabelle's Godfather, Admiral James Callahan, talks her into taking a job on the base and into staying with him she jumps at the chance.  What she doesn't know is that ever since she has been home her mother has been paying the kidnapper to leave her alone.  But now what he wants Isabelle, not the money.
The Admiral calls Jake into his office to let him know what is going on and that he wants Jake to guard Isabelle.  Jake knows this is a very bad idea. While he was in Africa he started having feelings for Isabelle.  When he found out she was on base he swore to stay as far away from her as he could get.  Now that they are thrown into close quarters, they both try to fight the attraction that they feel for each other.   Will Jake be able to keep Isabelle safe?  Will they both be able to follow their hearts to find true love?

This is the first of Ms. Tyler's trilogy.  And does this book have it all.  You have the hero, a sexy Navy SEAL, who is sent to save the heroine and just the right amount of action. The love scenes are hot enough to melt ice.  I found this book hard to put down once I started it.  The enjoyed way both characters come to realize that love can overcome anything and that everybody deserves to love and be loved.  It was just heartwarming.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romantic suspense.  I can't wait for the second of the trilogy to come out.

Book Blurb for Hard to Hold


Lieutenant Jake Hansen has survived some of the riskiest missions known to man. But now the wounded Navy SEAL faces his toughest job yet: smuggling Dr. Isabelle Markham out of Africa without triggering an international incident. Not easy to do when the gorgeous hostage happens to be a senator’s daughter—and about as easy to resist as an oasis in the desert.

If it weren’t for Jake, Isabelle would still be halfway across the world, where rebel forces left her for dead. The special ops warrior may have saved her life, but she doesn’t need him to protect her now. Tell that to the ruggedly handsome hunk in full battle fatigues who’s just been assigned as Isabelle’s personal bodyguard. Close quarters aside, Isabelle won’t let Jake anywhere near her heart—until danger throws them together again. And nothing in the jungles of wildest Africa could prepare them for a passion this wild. This crazy. This hot…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00