Genie Knows Best

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Genie Knows Best

Genie Book, #2

Samantha Blaine is the only heir to her father's business and his personal estate, which is very vast. Samantha has always wanted a marriage just like her parents. They fell in love the first time they saw each other and stayed in love. Her parents honeymooned in the Middle East and when her father passed away he wanted a "life celebration" and the theme to be Middle Eastern with food and tents. After the funeral the attorney gives her a letter from her father. In it is the combination to the safe in his home office. On the way to open the safe, Samantha decides to look for her boyfriend, Albert. But what she ends up doing is overhear him on the phone telling someone that she is clueless. That once he has his ring on her finger he will be in control of her business and her money. Samantha finds herself sitting at her father's desk and rubbing the lamp she found in his safe. All of a sudden orange smoke comes from the lamp and in front of the desk stands a strange man.

Khaled is the genie of the lamp. With the death of Samantha's father the ownership of the lamp passes to Samantha since she is one who rubbed the lamp. Kal found out how to remove the cuffs that bound him to the Service. When he was caught he was sentenced to serve one thousand and one masters and must also grant each one wishes. Samantha is his last master. What Kal wants is to be set free and take over the position of Vizier. The more time Kal spends with Samantha the closer they become to each other. When Samantha's old boyfriend finds his way to where they are hiding, he believes the only way to get the genie from her is to kidnap a baby magical creature. Will Kal and Samantha be able to save the baby? And stay together? Or will Kal be trading one master for a new one?

This is the second installment in Ms. Fennell's Genie series. This can be read alone without reading the first one, but in my opinion you will not be disappointed with either book. Ms. Fennell pens a story that is entertaining and funny. The magical land where they hide away in is told in such a way as to feel as that you are there. You almost expected to look up and see a unicorn walk by. I look forward to many more stories from Ms. Fennell set in this world. This series is one for the keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Genie Knows Best

Be careful what you wish for...

Samantha Blaine is about to make a fateful discovery. A tall, dark, handsome, ohmygosh kind of fateful discovery...

Kal is very pleased to meet his attractive new master-especially since he intends to seduce her into granting him freedom. But when seriously dark magic spells trouble for both of them, Kal can't help himself from falling for the woman who holds his fate in her hands...
Warmly acclaimed by readers and critics alike, Judi Fennell brings to life a fabulous world of magic and mayhem where wishes come true in the most unexpected ways!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50