Fury of Desire

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Fury of Desire

Dragonfury Series #4

This is the fourth installment in Ms. Callahan's Dragonfury series. Ms. Callahan has a way of bring her characters to life and the reader will find themselves being drawn into the world of dragons. This is Wick's story and I have waited forever for this book. I wasn’t in the least disappointed with it. You have two wounded souls who get a chance to have the love of a lifetime. I checked Ms. Callahan’s website and the next titles are Fury of Obsession and Fury Of Surrender, but there weren’t release dates yet. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

After years of abuse Jamison Solares, J.J., finally snapped and killed her boyfriend. Now she is in prison. To make matters worse one guard wants J.J.'s little sister and will do anything to get her. When she stops coming to the prison to see J.J. he arranges for another inmate to attack J.J. This puts her in the hospital in serious condition. The guard is there with her hoping this will lure J.J.'s sister out of hiding and bring her to the hospital where he can grab her. What the guard doesn't know is that J.J.'s sister has friends that are willing to break her out of the hospital and hide her.

Wick has a very dark past where he was trained to be a killer from a young age. But he now has the respect of his friends. Wick can't stand for anyone to touch him, that is until he rescues J.J. from the hospital. Now he can't seem to stop touching her and can't stand for her not to be touching him. He has always lived his life thinking he has no future, knowing he would go out protecting his teammates. That is until J.J. came alone. Now he is thinking about a future with her. Now they need to let go of their fear and accept the love that they feel for each other.

Book Blurb for Fury of Desire

Of all of the warriors in the Nightfury pack, none is more complicated or more damaged than Wick. Emotionally scarred from a childhood of slavery and torture, Wick can barely stand the touch of another person. But all bets are off when he meets newcomer J.J. Solares. When J.J. is unjustly imprisoned, Wick agrees to help rescue and return her to the family fold. But Wick lives a life of self-imposed isolation, even among his beloved brothers in arms. Venturing into the world to seek justice for J.J. may be more than he can bear.

Meanwhile J.J. fights for her life at the hands of brutal prison guard Griggs. When she winds up in the hospital she sees no hope for things getting better. But events take a dramatic turn when she and Wick encounter each other. The connection they share is unlike anything either has felt before. J.J. believes she is hallucinating when she sees the majestic dark-haired god sweep in to save her, and Wick is shaken to his core by the attraction he feels for J.J. For the first time in his life, he finds himself wanting to get close to a woman.

After J.J.’s rescue, the two retire to Wick's mountain home, where J.J. recovers from physical injury while attempting to help Wick recover from his emotional ones. But neither is out of harm's way yet. And when they find themselves in the center of a Dragonkind war, they are forced to make the ultimate choice between surrendering to their fears or each other’s love.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00