Devil's Own

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Devil's Own

A Clan MacAlpin Novel

Elspeth Farquhrson believes she will live her life as a spinster taking care of her father and their small farm. Her father wants her to marry their neighbor but Elspeth wants someone who will make her swoon, someone willing to go on an adventure with her. If she could not have a great love then she didn't want any at all. Her father has other ideas; he wants her to marry someone with money so that Elspeth can make his life easier. Aidan MacAlpin was a child when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. It has been fifteen years since he was around his family. His parents are gone but he has brothers and sisters. He still feels like a stranger to his brothers and sisters. The only thing Aidan wants is revenge against the man who sold him into slavery. The biggest thing holding him back is being unable to read. Aidan's sister gets Elspeth to teach Aidan to read in exchange for Aidan helping out around Elspeth's farm. Elspeth's father does not like Aidan being around because he sees the attraction between the two getting stronger and he has other plans for Elspeth. Plans she knows nothing about. Aidan thinks he is not good enough for Elspeth but Elspeth knows Aidan is the perfect man for her. When Elspeth finds out what Aidan is up to, she is determined to help him no matter what anyone says.

This is the second installment in Ms. Wolff's Clan MacAlpin series. This story brings together two people who need a chance at love. This story well grab and hold your attention from the first word to the last. The way Ms. Wolff handles the attraction between the hero and heroine is smooth flowing. You will not be disappointed in this series. This book is definite a keeper. I can't wait for the stories of the other brothers and sisters.

Book Blurb for Devil's Own

After surviving slavery, Aiden MacAlpin has nothing but thoughts of vengeance. When his tutor Elspeth learns a secret to his past, it thrusts them both into a game of passion and deception that neither may survive.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75