Devilishly Wicked

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Devilishly Wicked

Devilishly #3

This is the third installment in Ms. Love's Wicked series. This is a great light hearted read. I love this series. If you are looking for a light read, that still has the romance, you’re looking for this book.

Georgia Sullivan works at HOT! magazine. The pay is great and she needs it in order to keep her grandmother at home with her. Georgia is not your typical fashion diva. She is a curvy vintage clothing wearing goth. She is surrounded by size 2 models and gorgeous men. But what she doesn't know is that most of the staff are demons. It seems that Satan is using the magazine to harvest souls. Georgia has a crush on her new boss, Tristan McIntryre. Tristan is the demon of Lust and he is lusting after Georgia. Tristan has worked hard to take the magazine from Finola and has sent her to work in the mail room to see if there are demon hunters working there. Tristan has fun teasing Georgia. But the more he gets to know her the more his feelings for her start to change. Georgia knows that there is good in Tristan and she thinks she can be the one to bring it out of him.

Book Blurb for Devilishly Wicked

A demon's work is never done...

Tristan McIntryre is finally moving up the ladder of demon success. The Prince of Darkness himself has put Tristan in charge of total demonic takeover—by way of HOT! magazine, where Tristan has to bite the proverbial forked tongue working alongside she-devil diva Finola White. His biggest distraction is the last kind a demon of lust like him needs: a mortal woman. Worse, he likes her.

Georgia Sullivan clearly wasn't thinking when she signed on to work at HOT! It pays the rent, but now she's surrounded by demons and size 2 models. Plus, she has a huge crush on her insanely handsome boss, Tristan. Not a man to write home about. Yet, she senses that deep down he's a good guy. It's complicated.

As Tristan and Georgia play with fire, project total demonic takeover begins to run into a few snags. The temperature is definitely rising—or worse, Tristan could be falling in love...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50