Darkness Undone

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Darkness Undone

A Novel of the Marked Souls, #4

Sidney Westerbhrook has been sent to the Chicago based league of Talyan. He is to look into the rumor of female Talyas who are bonding with the warriors. Each mated pair fights together. It seems that together they are stronger than if they fight alone. The biggest huddle that Sidney will have to overcome is the fact that the last bookkeeper betrayed them so their trust will be hard to earn. On Sidney’s first night in Chicago he wants to go out with the warriors while they hunt. But they tell him to stay in and rest from his journey. Sidney goes out anyway and he finds himself facing off against a group of Ferales.

Alyce Carver is possessed by a repentant demon. She was possessed in one of the Salem Witch Trials. Alyce was very fragile because of the demon possession, so to protect her the demon repressed her memories. Alyce did go to doctors for help because she thought she was crazy due to her seeing devils. So now she hides during the day and at night she ventures out to kill Ferales. Ferales are what she refers to as devils. When Alyce tracks a group of Ferales to an alley she is in for a surprise. She finds a human man trying to fight the Ferales, but he is losing. While she is trying to fight, he keeps trying to protect her. So she knocks him out. After she kills the Ferales she takes the stranger to her nearest hidey-hole so that she can care for him. There is something about him that not only draws her but also her demon. Are Alyce and Sidney a pair?

This is the fourth installment of Ms. Slade's Marked Souls series and it is a great continuation and story. You have a love that seems like it is doomed before it even gets started and a romance with plenty of action. I have enjoyed this series from the start and each book just keeps getting better.

Book Blurb for Darkness Undone

Sidney Westerbrook has always studied darkness and damnation from a sensible distance. Now to earn his place as a league Bookkeeper, he must discover why Chicago is such a battleground of soul-linked warriors. But the research becomes personal when he finds himself over his head, under attack, and at the mercy of Alyce Carver-a waif with demon-lit eyes, and a deep yearning in her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 5.00