Dark Warrior

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Dark Warrior

The Ionia's are a group of women from ancient Greece. When the group of women was attacked by barbarians, the Ionian priestesses makes a deal with a group of warriors called the Minot. After the barbarians are defeated the priestesses takes a Minot warrior to mate. But when the warriors try to dominate the women they end the truce and flee. Even after fifteen hundred years the Ionians are still hiding from the Minot. The sisterhood have finally settled in Sedona, Arizona where they run a modern day spa called The Seven Sisters spa. Sophia Thalia is part of the sisterhood and she also works there taking care of the books. Her sister is supposed to go the meeting at the Sedona Business Association, but something happens and Sophia goes in her place. While on the way home her car runs off the road when something runs in front of her. When she gets out of the car and starts to walk back to the spa, she is attacked by a strange man. He sprays some type of gas in her face and Sophia finds herself unable to call out for help and it also gives everything she sees a strange darkness. Another man comes and fights the one who is attacking Sophia. Then he helps Sophia get her car back on the road. Sophia knows that both men are Minot warriors.

Jason Tryron applies for a job at the Seven Sisters spa as a vet. Jason has another reason to want to work at the spa. His father was a Minot warrior and his mother an Ionian. When Jason's mother fell in love with his father, she went to the high priestesses to ask for her lover to be welcomed. But the priestesses gave her a choice, she could stay with her sisters or be with her lover, but she could not have both. Jason wants the type of relationship that his parents had. His mother taught him the values of the sisterhood and this has tempered his Minot side. Jason is in the right place at the right time to save Sophia from the rouge warrior. This warrior wants to capture one of the women, and then use her to breed a race with psychic powers. Then he will destroy the Ionian sisters. In order to save her sisters, Sophia will have to overcome a lifetime of teaching that says all of the warriors are evil. Jason and Sophia will have to bound together to be strong enough to save not only the sisterhood but also their selves.

This is the start of a new series from Ms. York. This is a story of two people who overcome a lifetime of distrust to find true love. This is a very entertaining tale. I hope there will be more to come in this storyline. Ms. York's writing is always great. She tells a story in such a way that you find yourself invested in the characters' lives and can't wait to see what happens next. This book is a definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Dark Warrior

In the first century BC, Ionian Priestesses made a bargain with cursed warriors called the Minot. When the truce fell apart, the Minot remained cursed, and the Ionians remained mistrustful of men. In modern-day Arizona, Jason Tyrone, son of a Minot and an outcast Ionian, has come to reclaim his heritage.

At the Seven Sisters Spa, where the Ionian women live and hide their true identity, Jason falls in love with the beautiful Sophia Thalia-and their passion will re-ignite a conflict that could destroy the Ionians.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.75