Dark Highland Fire

Book 2

Rowan a Morgaine is a Dyadd Margaine, a Drakkyn Sorceresses. When Rowan refused to marry Lucien son of Mordred Andrakkar, leader of the dragon shifters. Mordred order the attack on Rowan's camp. Killing many of her people and family, the rest had to flee for their lives. Rowan's brother Bastian transports them to Earth. While in Reno Rowan and Bastian stay with a group of vampires. When Lucien finds them there, they are forced to flee once more. Bastian transports them to Scotland onto the land of the clan MacInnes. The clan guards the stone of destiny. Which is also a door to a different world.

Gabriel MacInnes, second son of the pack alpha, has always lead a charmed life. He has never known a woman that he could not get into his bed. He owns a bar call Wolf at the Door. Once Bastian charges Gabriel with keeping Rowan safe and put her in his arms, things are about to change. From the first time he sees her he knows he is in trouble.

Ms Castle has written a story that keeps you interested until the last page. The way she has put two people from two different worlds together and still keeping it believable. This one is a keeper. Can't wait for Ms. Castle's next book.

Book Blurb for Dark Highland Fire

Desired by women, kissed by luck, Gabriel MacInnes has led a charmed life. A Highland werewolf with Alpha blood in his veins, he'd always known that responsibility was something that he, as the second son, would never have to worry much about. But with his Pack now squarely in the sights of an ancient and rediscovered enemy, everything has begun to change. Guarding the legendary Stone of Destiny has never been more important for the MacInnes Wolves, and keeping watch for things that creep through the darkness is a task that must fall to them all. Having come close to losing everything, Gabriel has begun to want more. He just has no idea that the more is about to be thrust into his arms, whether he wants it or not. And to top it all off, she bites...

Exiled from the Drakkyn realm, on the run from the dragon prince who will stop at nothing to have her as his own, the last thing Rowan an Morgaine wants is to be left at the mercy of a bunch of overbearing shifters in the middle of nowhere. But when her hiding place on Earth is discovered, the MacInnes Pack is her only resort until their common enemy can be stopped once and for all. With blood the only thing that can restore her waning power, the fiery demigoddess has little choice but to accept Gabriel as a protector, something he's stubbornly determined to be. If only he wasn't so deliciously appealing, Rowan might be able to accept his help. But she has sworn to belong to no man. And she's beginning to suspect that no matter how frightening her hunter is, this strangely familiar werewolf poses an even greater danger to her heart.

As the Earthly and Drakkyn realms converge, Gabriel and Rowan find themselves running from enemies who will stop at nothing to see them torn apart. But in the deep woods, under a different moon, there are secrets yet to be revealed. New love will be tested by fire itself. And each must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice for fate...and for one another.

About the Author

Kendra Leigh Castle started out stealing her mother's romance novels and finally progressed to writing her own. She brings her love of all things both spooky and steamy to her writing, and firmly believes that creatures of the night deserve happily ever afters too. When not curled up with her laptop and yet another cup of coffee, Kendra keeps busy in California with her husband, three children, and menagerie of high-maintenance pets. For news of upcoming novels, or just to drop her a note (she loves to hear from readers!), visit her online at www.kendraleighcastle.com.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50