Cold Sight

Extra Sensory Agents Series

Lexie Nolan is a reporter for the Granville Daily Sun.  When Lexie found out about some missing girly from the Boro, which is the poor side of town, she tries to bring attention to it by writing a story.  But no one would believe, or care, about these missing girls and then the local sheriff sets out to prove her wrong.  Lexie had to write a retraction and public apology.  Now everybody is mad at her for trying to start a panic, no one believes her expect for the editor of the paper.  Lexie was once the papers hard-news reporter and now she is stuck covering the local theater productions and fundraisers.  When another girl turns up missing, Lexie's editor asks her to look into the story once more but not to let anyone know she is doing it.  Lexie knows of only one person who would be able to help her, but the only question is, will he?  Aidan McConnel moved to Granville from Savannah after his last case went wrong and ended with the death of a child.  Aidan has a psychic gift; the only problem is that it is very unreliable.  He gets all kinds of sensory input but no idea what it means.  He has to put it all together.  He is determined to stay out of any life and death investigations.  That is until Lexie shows up asking for his help.  Will Aidan be able to forgive himself enough to help Lexie?  The more time they spend together the more they find themselves attracted to each other.

This is the first in Ms. Parrish's Extrasensory Agents series.  And what a beginning it is. This story is action packed and the romance is just right.  Ms. Parrish has written a story that will hold your attention from the first page and keep it until the last word is read.  Her characters seem so real that they will draw you into the story.

Book Blurb for Cold Sight

Leslie Parrish introduces Extrasensory Agents, a band of psychic investigators interested only in the cases nobody else wants-the coldest ones...
After being made a scapegoat in a botched investigation that led to a child's death, Aidan McConnell became a recluse. Still, as a favor to an old friend, Aidan will help on the occasional ESA case. 
Reporter Lexie Nolan has a nose for news-and she believes a serial killer has been targeting teen girls around Savannah, but no one believes her. So she turns to the new paranormal detective agency and the sexy, mysterious Aidan for help. But just as the two begin forging a relationship, the case turns eerily personal for Lexie-and Aidan discovers that maybe he hasn't lost the ability to feel after all. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00