Cold Midnight

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Cold Midnight

Kylie McKay was a teenage tennis star until a brutal attack left her with a knee injury, which ended her career.  The attacker was never found.  Kylie left town, but now ten years later she is back.  After the death of her father, Kylie returns to build a tennis club in her old neighborhood for the local children.  Kylie plans to run the tennis club and teach tennis to the local children.  But someone from her past does not want Kylie to stick around.  Someone is vandalizing the construction site and now during the work they have dug up the weapon that was used to attack Kylie ten years ago.

Detective Chase Manning once loved Kylie, but after the attack Kylie pushed him away and left town.  This broke Chase's heart.  When Chase is called to the scene at Kylie's construction site all the old feelings he had for her come back.  Chase believes that whoever attacked Kylie all those years ago is trying to run her out of town and if she doesn't leave then he will not stop at murder to make sure that the truth stays hidden.  Chase is determined not to let that happen.  Not only does Chase have to keep Kylie safe but also he must try to convince her that he still loves her and that she still loves him.

Ms. Lamb brings us a story about love lost and found between two people who have been wounded by their shared past.  This story will hold your attention form the first page.  The best thing is you will never guess who the attacker is until the end of the story.  Then you will think, "Ok that makes sense".  Ms. Lamb also made the interaction and emotion between the characters very entertaining and believable.  This is a page-turner.

Book Blurb for Cold Midnight

After she's brutally assaulted, a woman returns to her quiet hometown only to discover that someone wants her dead.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50