Captive Spirit

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Captive Spirit

A Novel of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood

Bela Argos is a warrior of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is set up to protect the weak from the supernaturally strong. Bela is also an Earth Sibyl who bears the mark of the mortal, pestle, broom, and water. The sisterhood has always fought in a triad but now that the water Sibyls have come back that will change. Bela is the first to get the mark of water so she will help form the first quad fighting squad in twelve centuries. It has been three years since Bela lost her triad sisters during a battle that lead to the fall of the evil Legion.

Duncan Sharp is a NYPD detective; He is chasing his childhood friend John Cole. Duncan believes John is a serial killer. When Duncan catches up with him, John tries to tell Duncan he is not a killer and that Duncan needs to leave now before it is too late. Just then three creatures come after them. They are as tall as men but look like tigers. They are a breed of ancient cat demons called Rakshasa. During the fight John is killed and Duncan is clawed by one of the demons. While Duncan is down he sees four women in leather show up and start fighting the demons, the next thing he knows is hearing a voice telling him to fight. The demon infected him with their essence and now he will turn into one of them. The only thing that keeps Duncan fighting the infection is Bela. It was her voice he listened to and the need to see and touch her that keeps him going.

Duncan is going to protect Bela from the Rakshasa no matter what it takes. The longer Duncan and Bela fight together the closer they become. Even though they know they can never be together, it doesn’t matter to them. They will love each other for whatever time is left to them.

This is the fourth installment of Ms. Windsor's Dark Crescent Sisterhood series. This book takes place two years after the last book, Bound by Light. If you like romance and action with your paranormal this is the book for you. You don't have to read the first three books in the series but I would just because they are such great books. This author should be on your auto-buy list, she is on mine. Be on the lookout for the next in this wonderful series, Captive Soul. 

Book Blurb for Captive Spirit

Trapped by temptation, bound by desire
Saving humanity from the supernatural has been challenging lately—even for a well-trained earth Sybil like Bela Argos, who must harness the magic of a fractious group of warrior sisters and battle a new wave of paranormal attacks. Another challenge is Duncan Sharp, the hunky NYPD detective who might turn into a demon overnight and devour Bela in her sleep. Still, the darkness taking over Duncan’s body can’t stop the molten heat unleashed by the intense attraction between them.

Duncan has two major problems: First, he has the soul of a suspected serial killer hitching a ride on his vibe. Worse (yes, worse) he’s got a demonic fever raging inside that promises a world of hurt for everybody, especially Bela. Now he’s all about getting even with the demons that put this freak curse in his blood—satanic forces that dare to unleash their savage lust on Duncan’s soul, his city, and the woman he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00