Blood Game

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Blood Game

Eve Duncan Series #8

Ever since Eve Duncan's daughter, Bonnie, was killed by a serial killer she has worked hard to become the best forensic pathologist.  All she wants is bring her Bonnie home.  Now she spends her time trying to find out who killed her and where he buried her body.  Eve takes a lot of cases the involve children as she hopes that by bringing other lost children home she will come closer to bring her daughter home.  Eve and Joe are home from a case of a serial killer who preyed on children.  They thought that this killer was the one that they have been looking for and that they would find Bonnie among the many graves.  But it was the wrong killer.  Ever since they have returned home Joe has been acting different.  It seems that the encounter Joe had with Megan (from Pandora's Daughter) has opened up Joe’s latent psychic power.  He can now see and talk with the dead.  Now there is a man, Kevin Jelak, on the loose, killing young women.  He has set his eye on Eve.  He believes that by killing special women and drinking their blood, he can gain special powers and live forever.  He believes that Eve will be the final kill, the one that will give him all the power he wants.  Joe will have to keep Eve safe while he hunts down this mad man.  Will Jelak get to Eve before Joe finds him?

This is the eighth book in Ms. Johansen's Eve Duncan series.  In my opinion these books just keep getting better and better.  I always think that there is no way Ms. Johansen can top the last book but she keeps proving me wrong.  I really enjoyed that Joe was the main focus of this story while Eve took a step back.  I cannot wait for the next book to come out.  If you are a fan of this series, you will not be disappointed in this book.

Book Blurb for Blood Game

First comes darkness, then comes fear

Eve Duncan is back! Blockbuster New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen’s latest thriller brings Eve closer to discovering her daughter’s killer…and into a web of danger from which she may not be able to escape… Eve Duncan returns in a thriller that pits her against the most evil mind she has ever encountered: a ruthless killer who taunts her with his every move…and who has a special affinity for blood. When a Georgia senator’s daughter is found murdered, and her body drained of blood, Eve Duncan is drawn into the web of Kevin Jelak—a serial murderer who is on Eve’s short list of killers who might know something about her missing daughter Bonnie. When a goblet of blood is found in Eve’s refrigerator, she knows the taunting is over…and the games have begun. As Eve and Jelak engage in a dance of death, Eve must call upon those she loves and trusts the most…even if it means bringing them into the game as well.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00