Behind the Shadows

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Behind the Shadows

When Kira Douglas's mother is in the hospital waiting for a kidney transplant, Kira makes the choice to have herself tested to be a donor. When the test results come back, Kira is shocked to find out that she is unable to give her mother a kidney because they are not related. This sends her on a search to find out what happened. When she finds out that she was switched at birth she starts a search for the other woman. Once she finds her she plans on asking her to donate a kidney to her mother. When Kira finds out who the other woman is, she confronts her. 
When Leigh Howard is told she is not who she thinks she is, she thinks Kira is crazy and after her money. Leigh's parents were killed in a car accident when she was a child and her grandfather raised her. After the death of her grandfather, his will leaves her money in a trust with the family attorney in charge of it. When Leigh tells Max Payton about what Kira has said, he also thinks she is up to something. The more time Max spends with Kira, his opinion starts to change. He also finds out that he has feelings for her. But someone doesn't want the truth to come out about Kira and Leigh as someone tries to kill Kira. Now Kira doesn't know who to trust. And time is running out for her and her mother.
Ms Potter weaves a tale of mystery and romance. This story is action-packed. A great read, fast-paced and full of suspense. You will never guess who the bad guy is until the end of the story. This is a must read.

Book Blurb for Behind the Shadows

In a race against time to save her mother's life, Kira Douglas is stunned to discover that the woman who raised her is not her biological mother. Kira was switched at birth by someone with a mysterious motive. Untangling the clues, Kira finds herself face to face with a handsome, ruthless man who is either Kira's darkest nightmare--or her greatest destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00