Angel Seduced

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Angel Seduced

The Hidden Series: Book 3

This is the third full title installment of Ms. Rush's The Hidden series. After reading the first two novellas for this series, I could not wait to get my hands on the first book and I have been hooked on this series ever since. Ms. Rush brings a new world of Dragons, Sorcerers, and Angles who are hidden from the humans but living among them.

Kye Rivers is a Deuce Crescent, she uses magick. She can tell when two people are right for each other and also helps people with their sexual problems. She has found a way for a Caido to bond with another crescent without draining their partner's life essence. But the both parties need to be sure because this process will bind them together forever.

Kasabian is a Caido, but he is different from others of his kind. Caido's can't feel any feelings because it causes them pain. They tend to stick to their own kind because that is the only way to be free of pain. But Kasabian craves the feelings of others. Something happened to him when he was a child. He was kidnapped and he was able to escape along with several other children. None of them have memories of what happened to them or where they were. But they all have a gray starburst over their diaphragm. He finds out that the child kidnapping is happening again. When he hears that Kye may be able to unlock his memories by using the bonding, he knows he must try. After being told what is going on Kye agrees to do the bonding with Kashabian as long as they stop before they become bonded to each other.

A must read series!

Book Blurb for Angel Seduced

New York Times bestselling author Jaime Rush brings us the third book in her paranormal series about dragons, angels, and dark magic.

Kye knows that her boyfriend Kasabian is in grave danger, investigating a series of kidnapped children. She knows he's pushing her away for her own safety, but she won't let him face it alone.

Kasabian will risk anything to rescue the children, and he has a bold plan to allow himself to be taken hostage by the kidnapper, Silva. While he tries to reason with Silva, Kye is racing again time to discover where the kidnapper is holding him.

If Kye is reunited with Kasabian, will their combined powers be enough? The fate of the Crescents-and Kye and Kasabian's hearts-hang in the balance.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00