Ace is Wild

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Ace is Wild

Vivienne Foster is a true psychic. She has the ability to "read" people. After the death of her grandmother, Vivienne takes over her shop and giving people readings. Vivienne starts having visions of the death of a strange man. She has to find out the identity of the man and warn him of the danger he is in before it is too late. Daniel Pierce, ex-FBI agent who was sidelined due to a leg injury. After going to law school, Daniel is now the Assistant US Attorney. While he is at a bachelor action, he is kidnapped Vivienne. When she tells him he is in danger he does not believe her. When she tells him she is a psychic and she saw his death in a vision, he just thinks she is a nutcase. Now they are both on the run not only from the hetman but also from the police and FBI. Not knowing whom to trust, they must stay one step ahead of everyone else and also try to figure out who put out a hit on Daniel.

Ms McCall writes a very suspenseful tale. The romance between the two people is very believable. There were some laugh out loud moments in the story. My favorite was the part about Maxine. This story is a keeper. I do believe I will check out Ms McCall's earlier books. Don't walk but run to the nearest bookstore and pick up Ace is Wild in August.

Book Blurb for Ace is Wild

When beautiful clairvoyant Vivienne Foster starts having visions of the murder of hotshot U.S. Attorney Daniel ‘Ace’ Pierce, she can’t just sit back and do nothing. Which is how she winds up at a charity bachelor auction where he’s the top attraction, hoping a loaded .38 will make him see the light.

Pierce assumes that the woman holding him at gunpoint is crazy. But when she later saves his life, even a skeptic like Daniel has to take notice—not that he could ever ignore a beauty like her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00