A Soul So Wicked

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A Soul So Wicked

Moon Chasers, #6

This is the sixth installment in Ms. Kohler's Moonchashers series. From the other books we know that the lycans were brought in to being by a curse. In this book we find out just how the lycan curse started. This is a wonderful series. There is a lot of action and romance. This author is an auto buy for me and I tell all my friends to check out this awesome series.

In 70 AD Tresa was drowned as a witch. Her husband and grandmother were trapped in their cottage and left to burn alive. As Tresa was drowning she was approached by a demon wanting her to allow it to possess her body. Tresa has been fighting the demon for a long time but with the death of her family and herself, she cries out for revenge against the man who caused their deaths. When the demon took over her body, Tresa was unable to stop it from doing whatever it wanted. The only way to make it leave her body and fight it was to go someplace that was really cold. That is why she now lives in Alaska. She lives alone in a cabin and travels to town once a week to get supplies and she also volunteers at an old folks home. Tresa has tried to make amends for the evil the demon has done.

Darius is an immortal lycan. He has spent several generations hunting for the witch that was the cause of the lycan curse. He believes that if he kills her, it will then end the lycan curse. What he doesn't know is that if he kills her and the demon is in control at the time, the demon will take solid form and be able to walk the earth. Darius expected to find an evil witch, but what he finds is a very attractive woman who is trying to make amends and fighting to keep the demon at bay. When Tresa has visions of the demon taking control of another witch and the killing that is being done, she talks Darius into going with her to stop the demon witch. As they hunt the demon witch they draw closer together and discover a passion that just may end up saving them.

Book Blurb for A Soul So Wicked

In the dark world of the Moon Chasers, love and evil are separated by only a heartbeat as an undying lycan searches for the demon witch who cursed him.

For generations, the immortal Darius, doomed to roam the Earth as a lycan, has hunted the one responsible for his terrible fate. He is determined to exact revenge for the untold suffering Tresa has unleashed upon the world, but when the two finally come face-to-face, Darius discovers that she is not the purely evil creature he expected, but rather a tantalizing woman.

Determined to avoid causing further harm, Tresa has spent numberless centuries fleeing the demon who enslaved her. Tormented by the devastating mistakes of her past, she feels she has condemned herself to suffering. Certainly she does not deserve to find passion. . . . Yet it may be that only by becoming lovers will Darius and Tresa find a power that burns brighter than the dark forces arrayed against them, a love pure enough to at last bring them both the redemption that they crave.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50