SEALed With A Kiss

Heroes With Heart

This anthology is a must for any reader that loves their romance starring those hot, alpha males with a Budweiser, the SEALs. A collection of eight stories ranging from short stories to novella to full length books, SEALed With a Kiss is an impressive introduction to many of my favorite authors and series. The SEALs and their journeys to finding happiness were varied including a SEAL trying to get home through a blizzard to witness the birth of his first child while others are attempting to overcome loss whether it be a fellow SEAL, a K-9 partner, or just the ability to cope with the aftermath of war. I loved six of the stories but two did not live up to my expectations.

My favorite authors did not disappoint me in this anthology. Revisiting Marliss Melton’s Navy SEALs and Stephanie Tyler’s Hold Trilogy was a nostalgic trip as these were among the first SEAL series I read and cemented my love of this genre. Catching up with established couples and seeing the progression of their relationships was a wonderful gift from these authors. I’m also in love with JM Madden’s recent Lost and Found series as wounded warriors are a definite weak spot for me. Elle James’ romance of a SEAL fighting his love for his lost teammate’s fiancée tugged my heart strings while Teresa Reasor’s tale of betrayal within a SEAL team kept me guessing. Delilah Devlin’s pirates versus SEALs on a tropical island was an exciting introduction to a new author that I will definitely follow up.

That leaves me with the two remaining stories in this anthology. Gennita Low’s Warrior is the 5th book in the Crossfire series and I had a difficult time with it. I loved the characters; the SEALs displayed that close knit brother-like bonds that I find irresistible and the pairings were relatable. What I had trouble with was all the world building that was introduced once the characters landed in Afghanistan. Too many previous characters and pairings as well as fictional agencies were added to the mix and without the benefit of having read the previous four, I felt lost. Finally, Sharon Hamilton’s entry was lost on me. Typically, I fall head over heels for my wounded warriors but while I felt for Luke his constant almost instantaneous hot/cold relationship with Julie just didn’t move me; it was rushed and underdeveloped. At the end of the story there was a note that an expanded full length version was being released in Fall, 2014. My question, why release a story that even the author acknowledges should be expanded and more developed?

Overall, this is definitely a must-have addition to all military romance lovers. Whether you look forward to revisiting an established series or finding a new team of hot alpha males to drool over, this is your anthology.

Book Blurb for SEALed With A Kiss

Anthology of 8 Navy SEAL novellas by New York Times, USA Today and award-winning bestselling authors: Marliss Melton, Gennita Low, Teresa Reasor, Elle James, Delilah Devlin, Stephanie Tyler, J.M. Madden and Sharon Hamilton

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00