Bound to Break

Men of Honor, #6

Bound to Break…Or Maybe Held Together

What’s better than a couple of hot alpha SEALs falling in love surrounded by suspense and mystery? Three hot alpha SEALs and a CIA agent falling in love surrounded by suspense and mystery! SE Jakes has written her sexiest, most intriguing entry in the sixth book of her Men of Honor series, Bound to Break.

This installment focuses on not one couple but two struggling to keep their relationships alive. Both relationships revolve around the mystery of Lucky, a man that washes up on the South African beach with no memory of his past. Over the next four years he becomes a trusted friend and employee; considered family by the ones that found him. But late one night, a former SEAL wanders in to the family bar and claims to know Lucky, who he calls Josh, and is shocked since he is supposed to be dead. How did Lucky end up in South Africa after being captured and brutally tortured with his teammates for months in South America? Is he a traitor playing a patient waiting game or is he truly a victim of memory loss? And how will this affect Rex, his former lover, who still has nightmares and guilt from that ill-fated mission.

Lucky and Dash’s relationship is believable as they both struggle with secret conflicts and motivations. Lucky has always known there was something dangerous about himself and that something horrible had happened to him; the scars were proof of that. Lucky’s frustration and mental anguish is clearly portrayed as a man who wants his memories but is afraid of what he will find. Dash had been searching for Lucky, never believing him dead, but a traitor instead. Now they are together and Dash can’t help the feelings that Lucky instills in him. What started out as a means to gain information has turned into a relationship that neither can truly trust but both are desperate to have.

Also drawn into this mystery is Rex, Lucky’s former teammate and lover, who has finally started a relationship with fellow SEAL, Sawyer. Rex doesn’t know how to feel about Josh/Lucky. He loved him, but now he loves Sawyer. He refuses to believe that Lucky would be a traitor, even if it was to save the lives of his teammates. Sawyer is also ambivalent of how this will affect his relationship with Rex; he was already hesitant to enter into the relationship fearing he couldn’t combat a dead lover’s ghost. But now, how does he compete when that ghost shows up alive?

This is a novel that refuses to be put down; I read it in less than a day. The plot is intriguing and the romances are blazing. Questions abound and a reader won’t be able to stop until they find the answers. Did Lucky really turn traitor? Will Rex and Lucky try again or stay with the men they now love? Are they all in danger from the people that held them captive four years ago?

It’s only when everyone opens up and reveals their true selves to each other that relationships are solidified and truth revealed.

Jakes’ depiction of the bonds of SEALs teams as unending and unconditional infused with a healthy dose of sarcasm makes these guys even more lovable. The dialogue was natural and flowing, especially the humor throughout. I loved the playful banter that Sawyer provided especially with Jace and Lucky.

This is now my favorite selection in an exceptional series. I’m looking forward to the next entry…perhaps with the rest of SEAL team of this doomed mission finding happiness.

Book Blurb for Bound to Break

Four men fighting against their pasts…and for each other.

Several years after washing up on a beach in South Africa with absolutely no memory—not even his name—Lucky would rather not remember his past. Based on the number of scars on his body, it couldn’t have been anything good.

Then a man claiming to be his former Navy SEAL teammate walks into the bar and insists that Lucky’s real name is Josiah Joshua Kent. Turns out he’s been listed as KIA, and since he’s not dead, he’s now considered a deserter.

Discovering Josh is alive throws Rex, and his relationship with Sawyer, into a tailspin. Rex can finally lay to rest the nightmares of the night he couldn’t save his teammate. And Sawyer is faced with his worst nightmare—a relationship threatened by a very real ghost from the past.

As Josh begins to piece his memories back together, another man with a shadowy connection to his past—and maybe his heart—holds the key that could free him. Or send him to a traitor’s fate.

Warning: Contains rough language, rougher sex and warriors who fall hard for one another.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00