Watch Over Me

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Watch Over Me

FBI Agent Donovan Greer is hunting a serial killer. The Broadway killer is striking women who have played the lead role in a certain play, which leads him to three women who might be the next target. Deciding the prudent thing is to assign a team to each woman he chooses Olivia Weston. Her father/agent only seems to care that nothing interferes with her schedule. Thinking he may be able to catch the killer by surprise he poses as her boyfriend. He thought he could ignore the attraction he’d instantly felt for her, but soon things are out of control. Donovan doesn’t know if he can handle the outcome?
Olivia Weston is an actress who has been working since she was a child and now finds herself possibly on some crazed psychos to do list. On the other hand it brings Donovan Greer into her life. Though he’s only pretending to be her boyfriend so no one will know he’s really an FBI agent there to protect her. Then she falls for him knowing it’s doomed before it really starts. Or is it?

Fast paced and entertaining this tale has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Solid characters keep you hooked into the story. I would recommend this if you like a little mystery thrown in with your romance.

Book Blurb for Watch Over Me

Ten years ago, Donovan Greer lost everything. Since then, he has lived only for his work. He wants to feel nothing and need no one. And it works, until he is sent to New York City to protect Olivia Weston from a sociopath dubbed The Broadway Killer.

Olivia Weston's life and career has been micromanaged by her overbearing father her entire life. Then she meets Donovan Greer. Donovan puts decision into her hands and treats her like a woman, and not a commodity. He makes her fall in love with him, whether it was his intention or not.

Her beauty and grace would be easy enough for Donovan to ignore - if Olivia didn't want him as much as he denies he wants her. He knows it's not smart, and tries every excuse he can to dissuade her - including their 14 year age difference. It's been a long time since he let his heart feel anything, but once it does, it's impossible to ignore.

When danger stalks the shadows, and her life is in his hands, he wonders if he is capable of loving her and protecting her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00