Under His Protection

Olivia Scott is visiting the United States as part of a librarian exchange program. She’d doesn’t like her boss very much or the hours she’s required to work and she has made only a few friends, still she isn't looking forward to going home. She’s working alone one night when a deranged customer takes her hostage. Lucky for her sexy Sergeant Trey MacGilvary happens to be a patron at the same time. He comes to her rescue and then takes on the responsibility of making sure she’s okay since she’s all-alone. He stays with her at her apartment through the night. Though Olivia is attracted to Trey she’s not the type for a quick fling, and with just six months left of her stay she figures it would be a major waste of time. Then she’s drawn into some maniac’s plan to get revenge on Trey. Can Olivia keep her hands off the temptation that landed in her lap, or will she fall for the hottest man to ever look her way?

Trey MacGilvary rescues the poor English mouse and from the start he knows that even though she not the type of woman he usually goes for there’s something about her that really gets him. And before he can take the time and adjust to the fact he wants to know her more some psycho is threatening her to hurt him. Trey knows one thing for sure he’s keeping Olivia by his side until he makes sure she’s safe. The question is will he be able to let her go when it is all over?

With danger and action at every turn it makes this a hard story to put down. The hero is being torn in different directions, yet he doesn’t let it pull his focus off the heroine. I like that the rest of the hero’s family rally around him when trouble comes calling. Agnew does a good job of bringing the hero around to trusting in the love he feels.

Book Blurb for Under His Protection

SWAT sniper Trey MacGilvary likes his women wild and hot…

Trey’s adventurous streak once served him wrong, now it makes him dangerous to criminals and devastating to female hearts.

Englishwoman Olivia Scott lives a quiet life as a librarian with nothing more exciting to cogitate on than which video to rent on a Friday night and which pie to create for the local bake off. When Trey rescues her from a disturbed man’s brutal attack, and she’s left injured and vulnerable, he vows she’ll be under his protection from that point forward. The enthusiasm and unpredictability of his life stirs erotic passions within her that threaten to reinvent the woman she always thought she was.

Trey finds the plucky, bookish woman intriguing, but believes he isn’t interested in long-term commitment. His attraction to her boils sky high and he battles with emerging feelings he never thought he’d have again for a woman. After all, she’s returning to England in six months. There’s no way they can forge a lasting relationship, even if they wanted to.

As a vengeful criminal resurfaces with revenge in mind and promises to harm everyone he loves, Trey’s skills as a sniper, a brother and a lover are tested. As danger closes around her, Olivia must find a core of strength she never knew she had, and capture a red hot passion she never hoped to find.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.25