The Wedding War

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The Wedding War

Mia Briscoe is pulling triple duty as best friend, maid of honor, and wedding planner. Not to mention she was flying from California to South Carolina to do it. Boarding the plane she finds a mouth-watering hunk sitting in her seat and thinks `Maybe this won't be so bad'. Then the hunk refuses to move. Stewing the whole ride she can't wait to get away from him. All she wants to do is get on with planning the wedding that could be the feather in the cap for Weddings By Mia.

Jake Ryan isn't about to let his baby brother Gabe make the biggest mistake of his life. And he thinks marrying Jillian Tyner a woman he's only known a few months is about as big as a mistake he can make. When little Miss Uptight informs him he's in her seat he can't help wanting to irritate her. So acting on his primitive side he does. The only problem is he finds himself falling for her.

Finding herself sharing a cottage with Jake is the last thing she expected, but for Jillian she'd make it work. However when Jake tells her that if he has anything to do with it there will be no wedding she swears to make him eat his words. Jake's teasing and little peeks at a more easy going side lure her into wanting to tempt the beast.

Can she escape unscathed? Will she even want to?

This story had some surprises and great characters. It moved and flowed keeping the pages turning. Jenny Gilliam has a way of make you want to ask what's next. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes that opposites attract feeling.

Book Blurb for The Wedding War

When Mia Briscoe's best friend asked her to plan her wedding, she had no idea she'd be up against the brother of the groom intent on stopping the couple's nuptials. Sparks fly as the Mia and Jake fight their sizzling attraction and hatch individual plans to thwart the other from their objections. Will two wounded hearts heal enough to find love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00