Untamed Magick

The Pentacles Of Magick, #1

Historian Rena Gallagher is contracted authenticated a deck of Tarot cards. What she finds brings her to Graelen Scott for answers. She tries to explain what she thinks the cards mean, but thinking he knows everything about his family Graelen refuses to listen. How can she prove her theory? Can she earn his trust in time to help him?

Graelen knows from the moment he lays eyes on Rena that she's the one the prophecies claim would be the end of him and his brothers. Still he can't turn her away. Once he touches her he realizes there's more happening than meets the eye. Then she shows him a Tarot card bearing his family's crest, which was from a deck that stolen from him. He needs information only she can give him and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Can he keep his family safe?

This story is full of desire, lust, hot sex, and emotion. Quick paced and engaging I found Gayle's characters pulling me in making me want to know more about them. I'll be watching hoping for another installment soon.

Special Notes: Bondage

Book Blurb for Untamed Magick

Four male witches. Two Sets of twins. Born with a dark curse. Unlimited power bequeathed to the four when used together. A seductive power that over time will destroy their souls. To fight the prophecy they are forced to live separately to save themselves.

When a Tarot Historian shows up with stolen family cards and a theory of balance, all hell breaks loose as Graelen and Rena race to uncover the clues that will break the curse. First of a series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.25