The Frog Prince

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The Frog Prince

Prince Alvin isn't ready to choose a wife. He's more interested in enjoying his freedom and the women who flock to his title. His hedonistic ways get him into to trouble with the wrong mother. A witch she decides he should spend the rest of his life as a frog unless he can find a woman to truly love him.
Jasmine lives alone with her father, a woodsman who harvests a certain tree grown in the swamp. She has always desperately wanted a pet, but do to her father's allergies she can’t have one. Bringing her father lunch one day she rescues a frog from their neighbor’s cat. Her father agrees she can keep it until he’s healthy enough to be set free.
Will her love and nurturing be enough to break the witch's curses? Even if it is can Prince Alvin fall in love with someone below his station in life?
This story was a collaboration of fairy tales mixed together with passion giving them a new twist. An enjoyable fairytale perfect for a bedtime read for adults.


Book Blurb for The Frog Prince

Prince Alvin shared his bed with one too many women, but how was he to know that the twins he seduced to his bed were the daughters of a powerful fairy godmother? He certainly never would have guessed that he would be turned into a frog.

His only chance at happiness was to find the woman who could break his curse with a kiss, and he vowed to marry her on the spot. he soon fond out that finding her was only the beginning and not enough to guarantee a happily ever after.

Prince Alvin returned to his kingdom to find everything had changed and an evil step mother who would stop at nothing to keep the power of the throne for herself.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.75