Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

Emma Heartly wants to quit her job and turn her family's old farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. The place needs a lot of work. In order to get a loan for the cost of the rehab she needs her sisters to agree, which they won't so she plans on doing it herself until she wears them down. She sets up an appointment for a consultation with Stone Construction, just to get an idea on exactly what can be done, and the cost.

Quentin Stone wanted her the minute he saw her. He was totally professional in doing his consultation of her house. a few days later he admitted he couldn't stay away and went to see her. He was surprised to find his sister there. Even more surprised to find out that Emma was the woman she'd been trying to fix him up with.

Quentin and Emma decide to be friends. He offers to help her fix up the house because he wants to be with her. Emma accepts wishing it could be more. Will they be able to keep denying they want each other while working so closely together? Will Emma's sisters give in?

This was a moderately paced story. The characters in Seeing Red were well written. Overall, it was a pleasant read.

Book Blurb for Seeing Red

Emma Heartly's deam of owning a Bed & Breakfast is shattered when she learns she can't afford the rehab of her family's run-down Victorian. Undaunted, she moves in and begins renovating the house into a Bed & Breakfast.

Quentin Stone of Stone Construction loves old houses. His gorgeous eyes light up at the classic lines of Emma's fixer-upper, but it's her fiery red hair that keeps returning to his thoughts. To see her again, he volunteers to help her make improvements after hours.

Emma jumps at his offer of free labor. They lay the foundation for more than a B&B, but will their blossoming romance survive the malicious intent of their enemy?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50