Renegade's Rose

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Renegade's Rose

Incognito Series, #6

Hunter Savage, 5th in command, is a supposed to be a machine. And machines don't need to love, or be loved. Yet Hunter can't help wanting it. He takes a mission to capture `The Black Pope', in which he's injured. Coming to in the medical unit he finds out his sisters another operative, medically trained, has been captured by `The Black Pope'. She being held for information he thinks she has. Deciding not enough was being done to get her back he takes matters into his own hands. He would do anything to protect his sister Celine including turning his back on the Network. Now a renegade he's on his own.

Knowing `The Black Pope' loved nothing more than his ex-belly dancer wife Hunter decides she's his best option. Still weak from his injuries he chooses to get close enough to seduce her and hopefully find the information he needs to rescue Celine. He didn't plan on his heart getting involved. Could he rescue them both?

Tanya hated her ruthless husband and her life as his prisoner. His children feared the man, but loved her and the feeling was returned. She had to get away, but she wouldn't go without them. When a new man appears to work on the grounds of their well-guarded hacienda she mistakenly thinks he is Eduardo a man she once knew. After learning the truth her heart still tells her he's the man for her. Can she trust him to help them escape?

Karen Wiesner is a talented storyteller. This tale was full of unexpected twist and turns. Her characters were multi-faceted and yet well defined. An enjoyable read I would recommend this for those who like a little intrigue mixed with their romance.

Book Blurb for Renegade's Rose

Network 5th in Command, Hunter Savage is nearly at death's door when he turns renegade to save his sister, kidnapped by the Black Pope, Rex Kovac, leader of the covert terrorist organization R.E.D. Hunter's only means of saving Celine? Steal Kovac's most prized possession-his wife. Renowned belly dancer, "the Spanish Rose", Tanya Kovac is nowhere near as innocent as she seems. . .and Hunter is nowhere near as indifferent to Tanya's charms as he wants and needs to be to save his sister.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00