Promise For Now

Erotica Quickie - Exotica Title

Carol Iderman's marriage is over, which in this case is a good thing since her husband was a lying cheat. Still a phase of her life has ended and she's grieving and she's not sure how long that will take. When she comes face to face with her sexy neighbor, the one she's been silently lusting over, she decides it's time for a few new experiences only he can provide.

Brian Stockbridge won't deny he wants his neighbor Carol. She has a jerk for a husband who has neglected her for so long she doesn't even realize how attractive she is. When she tells him their divorce is final and asks him to make love to her he's torn between his lust and doing the right thing.

A quick tale of lust and temptation this story was totally enjoyable. Hunter's characters were deep and down-to-earth.

Special Notes: BSDM

Book Blurb for Promise For Now

Brian has had his eye on his gorgeous neighbor for years. But it isn't until he thinks she's in trouble and then finds out she has just divorced her husband that he decides the time is right to make his move.

A move Carol is ready to accept. She even suggests sexual paths she has only read and fantasized about. Carol knows all about Brian's preference for sexual dominance and encourages him to lead her into this erotic new world.

She soon finds herself naked, tied and in thrall to this sexy Dom. His every touch heightens her senses and begins to free something deep inside her. In his arms, she finds an inner strength that surprises and pleases them both.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.75